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By R.J.

Why listening to music when you are upset can be therapeutic

People get upset over many things, and finding that therapeutic way of dealing with that anger can be life-saving. Some people play video games while others go for quiet walks. However, listening to music has been known to be more therapeutic than video games and exercise combined.

From experience, I listen to my music when I get upset, and sometimes it has proven to be more therapeutic than any other recreational activity that I can do or have done. Listening to music can be a form of healing therapy that can provide other benefits such as the following.

Enjoying your favorite music

Everyone has some tunes that they love to listen to and their favorite music can be all the therapy that they need to deal with the stress of everyday life, enjoying your favorite music can not only be soothing but can make people forget about their stressors.

An added effect of enjoying your favorite music is that it can make the problems of the world seem like they are a thousand miles away. Somewhere, someone is complaining about their boss, and you are listening to and enjoying your favorite music dismissive of the world around you.


As everyone knows, hobbies can make people feel good and forget about life for a while. However, listening to music does not only make people forget about life, but it fills them with a euphoria that is unique to music.

Although there are other things that people can do to get to that euphoric state of mind, music is and will always be the leader in attaining euphoria. I love playing video games and listening to music, but when I am doing certain chores like putting away laundry, I always listen to music.

Got ideas?

Listening to music is not just for distractions; it can give certain types of people ideas, writers for example. Listening to music can be more therapeutic than video games because sometimes writers get ideas for certain pieces that they want to write, this has happened to me on numerous occasions.

Getting upset about something will only last for a few minutes to a few hours, but listening to music can cause certain people such as writers to come up with ideas about things that they want to write about; music works more to the advantage of the writer.


Listening to music when people are upset can create peace in them in the aspect that their feelings of anger matters but not to the point of stress; music is peaceful and in turn can make people realize the peaceful message of their music.

In today's world, the peace that music grants is and should be a welcomed one; people are running out of ways to calm down from life. Video games have their use, but it is not a panacea for everything stress related.

Dealing with anger can be a dangerous thing, but listening to music can be more therapeutic than video games and exercise combined. Certain hobbies have their uses; music creates peace and euphoria among other things. Nothing beats enjoying your favorite music.

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