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By ReebokPrince

Why Charles Lee Ray will live forever

When it comes to the greatest killer doll movies, "Child's Play" takes the cake. One thing people may not realize about the Child's Play movies is that the character of Chucky cannot die. Therefore, they can keep making Chucky movies forever.

When someone dies, their body becomes an empty shell. The soul or spirit leaves the body after death. In the world of the Chucky movies, Charles Lee Ray is able to transfer his soul into dolls. The problem Chucky faces is that the longer his spirit stays in the doll, the more human the doll becomes. When the doll body is mostly human, Chucky's soul becomes trapped in the doll until the doll body dies.

The heart becomes more human before the rest of his body. After the doll body dies, Chucky's soul needs to find another doll to transfer into. In other serial killer movies, such as "Nightmare on Elm Street," Freddy Kruger does not die. The difference with this killer is that he is a ghost and can only do harm in a nightmare that a person is having.

Freddy only exists in your nightmares but can be brought out into realm of the living in some cases. In real life, the soul usually moves on to heaven or hell depending on what religion you believe in. Being dead is not the end of life. It is the end of life on earth. The vessel or body that our soul occupies until death turns back to dust as it decomposes. Our spirit is believed to pass on to the spirit world.

Some say we go to the spirit world and wait for judgment, where we will be judged on how we lived on the earth. We will either be sentenced to hell or live in heaven, where there is no death or problems. Some believe that after death, we will immediately appear before God and be judged at that time. Some pastors tell their congregations that these earthly bodies that we occupy are for rent, and we are judged according to how we take care of these bodies.

There are now seven movies about Chucky in production. The last movie, called "Cult of Chucky," is the seventh of the series. Brad Dourif lends his voice to the doll. He only appeared as a human in the first movie in 1988. His daughter Fiona Dourif appeared in "Curse of Chucky" and "Cult of Chucky." "Curse of Chucky" ends with the soul of Chucky possessing the wheelchair-bound body of Fiona's character.

Being possessed by the soul of Chucky, she becomes able to walk. The character's name that Fiona plays is Nica Pierce. She was accused of killing a family from the last movie. The original Andy Barkly actor from the very first movie also makes several appearances. There are some stories where people's spirits still roam the earth after a horrible death. They are said to be stuck between the spirit world and the earthly world. When it comes to the "Child's Play" movies, Charles Lee Ray will live forever.

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