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By Kelsey Grindstaff

Why are movie stars so glam?

I know: who uses the word "glam" anymore? Well, it got your attention, didn't it?

Why are movie stars so popular? Most of us would love to be a movie star, to have the money, to have the fame, even to have the ability, seemingly, to say what we want and have people agree with our every word. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Why are they so popular? Why would most people give their right arm to be a Hollywood star? Because it is so easy to see the success, the fame, the money, the glory, and so difficult to see the hard work, the long hours, the physical and sometimes even societal sacrifices many of them put themselves through in order for us to enjoy a movie, a television show, or even a song. So much hard work and countless hours are put into the production of an hour-and-a-half movie; the actors receive great accolades, and rightly so.

They receive recognition for their labor, money for their hours of hard work, and, understandably, we want to stand right there with them. We want to be them, to be just like them.

We start to dress like them. We spend all our money on the latest clothes, the newest shoes, the most modern makeup styles. We spend our free time and often our work hours looking up photos and articles for more ideas on how to be able to become more like them. So many hours are consumed worrying in front of others because we feel we may not be wearing the right thing or because we think it looked so much better on someone else.

Because of our worries, we spend even more time on the internet, looking up fashions and how-to videos. We spend more money to buy more things. We smile when people say, "OMG! You look like __________ in that one movie!" We want to be like them.

Society as a whole is affected by the want, even need, to be a "movie star" in the way people perceive us. We want all the glamour and glory for trying to look and act just like someone else. But in our efforts, we forget a few things.

We forget that Hollywood stars are just people, too. They worry about how they look, if their makeup looks good, if they look fat in that dress. They are people. They are human.

We forget what it took to get them where they are today. How many of us have watched an older movie and thought, "Wait! So-and-so is in this? I didn't know that." Why? Because it took them, often times, many years and many movies to get to that one part we remember being their "first big role." We forget that, for the most part, they didn't get there overnight. It took them years and a lot of hard work.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, we forget to be ourselves. We don't have to be like anyone but ourselves. Getting fashion ideas is great, but remember, being yourself is the best you that you can be.

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