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By Sarah Parfait

Why ABC's Once Upon a Time should have stopped at season 6

ABC's "Once Upon a Time" has green-lighted another season of the series. The first episode of Season seven debuts on October 6th. There is also a reschedule of the air dates on ABC, so "Once Upon a Time" will now air on Fridays rather than Sundays. The announcement of a new series is a bit nerve-racking for fans. Season six of the series wrapped itself in a nice pretty bow and fans were left satisfied. However, ABC felt it was necessary for one more season due to the show's popularity. One has to question if season seven is even necessary. Here are my thoughts on why the show should have stopped at season six. Warning: spoilers will be leaked! If you don't want to be spoiled, stop reading and watch the show now.

The final battle

Season six of "Once Upon a Time" mainly focused on Emma Swan's eminent destiny to die in her battle. The season weaved through several antagonists, but they all were a vital piece to learning her fate during or after the final battle. When the final battle arrives, it's anticlimactic at first, but an interesting twist to an expected battle scene. The final two episodes of the season are in parts because The Black Fairy, a.k.a. Fiona and Rumplestiltskin's a.k.a. Mr. Gold's mother, cast a curse on Storybrooke to entrap Emma in a fake reality and diminish her belief in stories. It is a great bookend for the show because Emma has to believe in Henry, the stories of her friends and family, and her fate as the savior once again. However, the climax in part two seems rushed. Seeing Emma have her realization in believing again would be ideal, but the episode was on a limited time frame. By the end of the episode, the characters found their happy endings – or rather beginnings as they said – which created a satisfying conclusion to the show.

So many bad guys and gals

The season underwent two major antagonists and three minor antagonists. The major antagonist in the beginning is Regina's evil half, The Evil Queen. Regina and Emma faced constant battles with the Evil Queen, whom allied with other minor antagonist, to fulfill her desire of destroying Snow White. At first, it wasn't appealing for the new antagonist of the series to be the same from season one, but over the season it was rather clever for later. The second major antagonist is the Black Fairy. At first, she seems like a random villain, but looking back on Rumplestiltskin's family history, it makes sense. The minor antagonists are Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and Jafar. This season had a never-ending supply of villains to the point that it became overwhelming. It's no secret that the show always introduces new or returning characters from well-known fairy tales and Disney characters. If this was the final season of the series, it would have been acceptable to see more characters from the series as a way to officially wrap up the show. Except, the show runners decided to have a go at another season making the wrap up seem wasted.

Season seven an after thought

Based on how the show ended, season seven was 50/50. Episode 22 wrapped up all the main and minor character's stories while introducing a new story line at the end. However, the new storyline involves future Henry and his daughter Lucy. It's unclear as to who the mother will be, but based on season six, Violet is a possible candidate. The reason I believe season seven is an afterthought is because if the new story line is taken out, nothing will change. Another reason is based on the new character list for season seven. Emma Swan, played by Jennifer Morrison, will no longer be returning as a reoccurring character along with The Charmings, played Gennifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, Belle, played by Emilie de Ravin, Henry, played by Jared S. Gilmore, and Zelena, played by Rebecca Mader. The main character of the show is no longer going to be a main part of the show which should tell the producers that it's time to pull the plug on the show. It had a great run and there were more stories they could tell. However, there are three characters that are guaranteed for a return: The Evil Queen, played by Lana Parilla, Rumplestiltskin, played by Robert Carlyle, and Captain Hook, played by Colin O'Donoghue. These three characters and actors are the most loved by the show, so season seven may have a chance at redeeming itself.

As a long-time fan of the show, I will watch season seven when it airs in October, but I am in no rush to see it. Season six is truly the final season in my heart. I loved the show and experienced all my favorite fairytale and Disney characters come to life in a twisted way. My only anticipation for the new season is Tiana from Disney's The Princess and the Frog. But, the retelling of another Cinderella story is definitely a turn off for me. I hope the next season will be successful, and the writing improves. But, my heart and interest stopped at season six.

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