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By Brittany Hohman

Why a cat is the best option for a house pet

Ever had difficulty deciding on what sort of pet is the best to have around?

Well, look no further! Despite their bad reputation for being distant and unloving, cats actually make some of the best house pets around. They are self-cleaning, quiet, and very loving. You won't have to worry about taking them out for potty breaks at all hours of the day or night either!

Cats can reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke

A study that took place over ten years by the University of Minnesota's Stroke Institute in Minneapolis came to the shocking conclusion that cat owners showed a thirty percent lower risk of death from a heart attack than non cat owners.

Cat purring has been shown to be therapeutic

Children and adults alike have been known to adore a purring cat. Would you be surprised to know that a cat's purring is as healing as it is adorable? Well, it is! A cat's purr has been linked to faster healing of broken bones; lowered blood pressure; lowered stress; and faster mending of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries. Amazing what a cute little purr can do for an ailing person!

For interactive and playful people, don't worry

Cats are known to be very playful. They very much enjoy running, pouncing, jumping and moving around. Something as simple as dragging a piece of string across the floor or tossing a little stuffed mouse can bring out the most enjoyable reaction from your little furry friend. It is very amusing to watch your cat rocking on its haunches only to leap across the room just to pounce on a bag.

Easy care

Cats are self-grooming animals. They frequently bathe themselves throughout the day to stay as clean as possible. If you have a long-haired cat, daily brushing is a must to keep its fur from getting matted. Also, cats use litter boxes as opposed to being taken out on a leash, so you won't have to worry about walking out in rain, snow, heat or hail. The only thing with the litter box is that cats prefer a clean box, so daily or weekly cleaning is required.

Cats are trainable

Just like dogs, you can teach a cat to fetch, sit, understand the word "no" and not get on furniture. I for a fact know this from personal experience, as I have taught my own cat the word "no" as well as how to fetch her toys. You can train your cat with a book, a video, a clicker, or you can even hire someone to train your cat for you.

Only 24 percent of cats in shelters are adopted

If this article has helped to sway you toward the idea of getting a cat, I would highly recommend going to a local shelter and saving one. They are the most loyal and loving creatures, and I can guarantee they will appreciate your companionship as much as you will appreciate theirs. Cats are smart, clean, cuddling little creatures that can create such a pleasant environment. Next time you have a hard choice about what type of pet to get, you should take a cat into serious consideration. They are sure to bring joy to your home and to your family.

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