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By The Quiet Voice

What necessary elements are needed to make a good writer?

Good writing does not always follow the most conventional means. It flows where it may and often tows the writer along for the ride. Some would argue that the writer must remain in control at all times, for the writing to be meaningful and worthwhile. Others might disagree, claiming that the writer is not as important as the writing. In any case the elements of a good writer are many in number. Each element that makes a good writer exists to govern the veracity of an author's ideas. Listed below are several of those elements that can help any writer be successful.

Be focused and organized

Good writers will guide their reader down the various pathways of their writing. Whether it is a novel or a simple article the focus must remain on making certain that readers are able to understand the point the writer is trying to make.

A graceful flow of ideas builds a stronger story

Disjointed and clumpy writing leads to disinterested and even confused readers. By allowing a story to unfold in a steady and reasonable manner the reader is better able to grasp the concept of the writing. Without flow and a small measure of grace the reader might feel frustrated and even resentful when attempting to sort out the main point of the writing.

Be compassionate and draw the reader in

Writers often write first for themselves and then the reader. This is to ensure that they have anticipated any and all possible questions that might arise in the reader's mind. Having the answers to questions that the reader has not yet thought to ask is an easy draw for many readers and informs them that the writer has crafted the story for the reader.

Knowing your audience is the key to accurate writing

You would not write a science fiction story for someone who fancies murder mysteries. Knowing your audience and what they like is crucial to becoming a receptive and worthwhile writer. Writing is not just for the writer and must conform at times to what the reader wants to see.

Accept criticism, but don't take it personally

It is next to impossible to write something that everyone will like. There will always be someone who decides to critique your work. Even writing the most inspired work of your life there will be those who find a flaw within it for one reason or another. In order to better yourself as a writer it is important to accept criticism and keep moving forward. Holding a grudge against a critic is pointless.

Just write

The first step is always the most important. The ideas and formulas for anything the writer wishes to put down will never go anywhere unless they are expressed. If you write gibberish, then write gibberish. Your skill will develop given time, effort and continual practice. The point of it all though is that you must write. If you do not, then there is no way to know if you'll ever be any good at it.

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