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What is software technology and why should I care?

Software technology – What is it? The dictionary defines software technology as a general term covering the development methods, programming languages and tools to support them that may be used in the development of software. I know – I almost fell asleep myself just writing the definition. I mean who even knows what that even means? Who could tell me what software technology was from that definition? If you are like the numerous other normal people, you probably cannot.

This article will explain to you what exactly software technology is and why you should even care.

Software programs

What if I asked you if you had ever used one of the following programs: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari or Mozilla Foxfire? How about Google Play and any app you can get from the Google Play store? Have you ever used a well-known program by the name of Microsoft Windows X-Box live or Microsoft Office? If you answered yes, then you are already more of an expert than you know. All of the listed programs are all software technology programs created for hardware systems.

Hardware systems

What are hardware systems? Hardware systems consist of everyday technologies we use like our laptops, smartphones, cameras and many media devices. Hardware systems can also be as complicated as the New York subway system or Visual Basic Studios. So, then software technology is, or can be, explained as the brain or brain functions of a hardware system in the form of a program knows as software.

Software technology

As you probably know some software programs are designed more intricately than that of others while some are rather simple. For instance, operating systems are intricate software programs designed to help humans operate certain hardware like laptops and smartphones.

E-books, on the other hand, are another form of software technology which simply allows one to read a book usually within an intricate operating system. In fact, according to Merriam-Webster's definition of E-book by Merriam-Webster, an E-book is a book written, composed or converted to electronic format for display on a hardware device.

The importance of software technology

So why is software so important to the human population? Let us remember the big Y2K scare of 1999. Some believed that in 1999, computer software programs storing values for 99 would malfunction and cause widespread problems. If the software had failed the problems would have been astounding, to say the least. Without software, hardware would be much harder for us to use in our day to day lives.

Every time you use your phone, laptop or tablet you also utilize software technology. When your phone boots if you have a smartphone the software technology of android boots your phone. For a laptop, the windows software that usually comes with your laptop is the brain behind your computer operating. Because of software technology, our daily lives seem increasing easier. Have you every heard a baby boomer say kids have it easy these days? In this situation, you want to listen to your elders. Software technology helped build one of the biggest corporations and social media outlets to date: Facebook.

What software technology means to humanity

Software technology can mean a great deal for us in our day to day lives. Often times you will see the difference in a developed country by way of technology. If you ever happen to visit a developing country take a look around and notice the lack of technology that most of us take advantage of every day. Places, where technology is a luxury, the same can be said about software technology for those said technologies and hardware.

Have you every seen one of those old personal computers before the creation of operating systems. They were very complicated machines used mainly by the brightest minds. It is because of the creation of the software, known today as the operating system, that the personal computer of today truly is personal. So the next time someone asks you about software technology you tell them you are an expert and why you appreciate it.

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