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By James Foley

What does it take to become a musician?

Becoming a musician is possible. It's possible for anyone who tries. Learning to do so is a process, not a magical enchantment. No talent comes around like that anyway. Even those who feel they could never become a musician can become one.

Picking up an instrument is the first step. Holding it properly is the second step. Making any kind of noise with it is the third step. Now you're on your way to becoming the real deal.

To make a satisfying song playthrough, one must practice. Practice is always necessary when learning something new. Without it, you'll never learn. Practice takes discipline and focus, but it will also take a basic level of interest. One must believe that it's possible to master the phenomenon, or one will lose hope in the midst of it.

Nobody learns to play a musical instrument without putting effort into it. Anyone can do it. "You can do anything you set your mind to," people say. I agree. Giving your full attention to this process and having faith that you will get it down will put you on the path to success.

Music will come out of that instrument if you play it with the intention to make that happen. Even if you think there is no way to learn how to play without having a bit of talent already developed, there is a way. There always is. Practice is how humans learn to do things. Never will it come for free. That's just the way it works. So, that said, put forth the effort-if that's what you're still looking to do-and expect great results.

Art it is, straight from the get-go. Anyone else who appreciates subtle things in life will agree. Training your mind to produce music is an amazing process. Brilliance shows instantly. After a trial period of understanding how to synthesize the proper vibrations from the instrument, songs will come out. "Three blind mice" is a common song for new talents to learn. This is so because it is a simple song. Simplicity is the way to start. Overcomplicating it will stress you out and wear your patience thin. Imagine an audience that cares, and as you do your best to figure it out, you will feel appreciated.

Improvisation comes later, and when you get there, you will feel like a full-blown musician. However, in order to get there, one must gradually acquire mastery of music. Performance arts allow people to get wonderful gigs. Playing live in front of an audience that came just to hear you play music will be nerve-wracking but also extremely satisfying. Pride and joy will surmount inside of you, and you will feel that the effort you put in to get there have paid off.

Before you can do all of that, though, you must learn the basics as with anything. Get a few songs down, have a few projects open at once, and record and play back several takes on the way there. Have fun with it. Music is a gift. Becoming a musician is a wonderful way of expressing gratitude for being alive!

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