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By Kade Johnson

What Bob Marley brought to the world of music

Bob Marley was arguably the most passionate and heartfelt musician of all time. His songs spoke of love and warmth that touched the lives of many. His message has and will live on forever.
There will never be a musician quite as influential as Bob Marley. His music influenced the lives of millions of people worldwide. When a Bob Marley song comes on, it captures you and sets you free at the same time. You can hear the warmth of his message every time. It was a message of love and peace, that was what he fought for. Reggae brought on a musical revolution, a revolution led by Bob Marley.
Bob Marley was raised by his mother in Trenchtown, a poverty-stricken area located in Kingston, Jamaica. He used music to bring a sense of positivity to his life in the midst of the violence that was surrounding him in the ghetto. Marley was childhood friends with Bunny Wailer, with whom he would eventually form a vocal harmony group. They would explore different music genres, including R&B from American radio that they were able to pick up in Jamaica. While rehearsing with his vocal group, Marley met a successful vocalist named Joe Higgs. Although Marley's initial interest was in vocal harmony, it was not long before Higgs began teaching him how to play guitar. This set about the musical revolution that would forever go down in history.
Bob Marley was dedicated to making a change in the world. Forged by the pain of his early years, he transformed his suffering into songs of hope and love. Where Marley and Bunny Wailer grew up, music was truly the only way to escape the hardships both mentally and physically. It was a place where violence was glorified. Marley took to the only place where he knew no pain: music. The message in Marley's music came from the depths of his heart, and he truly believed in it. His music was an expression of his political and social revolution. Bob Marley was the epitome of what music can bring to change.
Bob Marley followed the Rastafari religion. Rastafari was influenced by the Christian religion, and has many subgroups with rituals heavily involving the use of marijuana. Much of Marley's music was based on his belief in Rastafari. Marley is widely known for cherishing and revering life. This could be because it is popular for members of the Rastafari movement to join together in discussions about life as perceived by Rasta. The discussions often involve using marijuana, particularly out of a long-stemmed water pipe called a chalice. They believe marijuana brings them closer to God and allows them to clearly gather the truth of things. Marley played an integral part in the Rastafari movement, and many credit him with the global recognition of the religion.
Bob Marley will forever go down in history for the change he brought to music and the world. He conveyed a message in his music that would touch the hearts of all who listened. Marley has lived on long past his death in 1981, and will continue to live on until the end of time. The world will never see another musician who brings as much love and warmth to music and to the world as Bob Marley did.

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