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By Thea Theresa English

Ways to prevent hair breakage

Hair breakage is a natural part of the life cycle but for some, hair breaking happens more than normal and there are causes. If your hair does not have enough moisture, it can break. The solution is to moisturize your scalp with hair lotion or oils such as coconut oil and almond oil. Other causes of hair breakage include excess use of relaxers, bad dietary habits and wearing styles that are too tight.

Cut back on hair coloring

If your hair is prone to breakage, then it is time to cut back on the hair color. This is because hair coloring has harsh ingredients such as ammonia, alcohol and other chemicals that are harmful to the hair. Try using natural means of hair coloring such as coffee, tea and beet juice. These color your hair while keeping it healthy.

Trim ends as needed

When you do not trim your ends, they split and cause hair breakage. Even if you wear a short hairstyle, it is important to have ends trimmed every few weeks at the salon or trim them yourself.

Use heat styling tools in moderation

There are benefits to using heat styling tools such as the blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. But when you use these too much, your hair starts to break. Use no-heat methods of styling your hair. For example, you can put big rollers in your hair to get bouncy curls. And you can air dry your hair instead of using the blow dryer.

Do not brush or comb hair while wet

This should not be done because when you brush wet hair, you make the tangling worse and it leads to breakage. Those with fine and thin hair should especially avoid this mistake. You should dry your hair completely before styling it.

Get a deep conditioning

Because your hair needs plenty of moisture, it is important that you get a deep conditioning every few weeks. This restores the moisture you lost and it keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Purchase a conditioner that has vitamins E, C and A as they are helpful in promoting healthy hair. Conditioners with the protein keratin are also great.

Consider protective hairstyles

Sexy hairstyles add to your overall style but some of those styles might cause breakage if worn too frequently. For everyday wear, look for protective styles that cause minimal damage to your hair. Some examples include braids, most short hairstyles and buns. This reduces the need for styling tools and these styles are low maintenance.

Take vitamins and supplements

When you nourish yourself on the inside, your hair grows outwardly. Hair and skin vitamins are a popular choice for those seeking to grow their hair but you can also get your vitamin intake from fruits and vegetables. Other good vitamins for hair growth include biotin, vitamin C and vitamin A. Not all brands are the same so research them carefully before making a purchase.

With these strategies, your hair will be less damaged and you will feel confident.

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