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By Thea Theresa English

Ways to discipline your child without spanking

In my family, spanking is considered an accepted and sometimes necessary way to discipline a child. I strongly believe in disciplining children, but I am divided on the spanking method, especially for toddlers who are still not developed enough to understand the meaning behind spanking as a discipline tool. Now that my daughter is a year old, I have been seeing her assert her independence in not so good ways at times. This article is for other parents of toddlers who wish to discipline with love while still being stern.

Make the rules clear to your children

Your child needs to know what the rules are so that he will know if he is following them or not. For example, if you tell your toddler that he is not to throw kitchen utensils on the floor while you're cooking, tell him about this rule and what the consequences will be for breaking the rule. Or, if you will not allow your child to watch TV or use the computer until his chores are completed, tell this to him.

Tell them the consequences

Your child must also know the consequences of breaking your rules. For example, if your daughter breaks the rule of talking back to you or your spouse in a disrespectful way, she will have her phone privileges temporarily taken away or she will not be able to hang out with friends for a few days so that she can understand that you will not tolerate her misbehavior. The consequences should be reasonable and not harsh. When your child disobeys you, the consequences should be enforced right away.

Take away the things they like

This is another good method of disciplining without spanking. If your child constantly refuses to share his board games with younger siblings, then you can remove the games from his room for a few hours until he realizes that he is wrong for not wanting his siblings to play the board games with him.

Make children correct their actions

In some cases, this might work as a way to get your child to understand that his actions are wrong. If you asked your child to wash dishes and clean the kitchen but he only washed the dishes, have him return to the kitchen and continue with the rest of the cleaning. Or, if your teen was supposed to buy only what was on the grocery list but he bought three bags of chips and soda as well, make him return the chips and soda to the store. This teaches him that rules must be followed.

Remove children from the situation

If you have a toddler who tends to throw tantrums in the supermarket or at restaurants, you can exhibit discipline by taking him away from the area until he calms down. A lot of times, toddlers throw tantrums because new environments overwhelm them, they are tired or hungry or because they are frustrated and are not yet able to express it the right way.

With these strategies, you don't have to resort to spanking or constant yelling to discipline your children.

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