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By Xinia Whitler

Upgrade requests by players of Pokemon Go

Although the app Pokemon Go became the most downloaded app in history (Dillet 2016), reports are coming in of it losing its popularity after only being out for a few months. Players (myself included) were unable to continue playing religiously due to limitations of the games and the environment. Add in workplace banning of the game, as well as dangers to the players walking into the wrong places, it is a no-brainer that the talk of the game has declined.

Up to this last update, app developers have been adding in new incentives to bring back Pokemon trainers. The latest is the ability to have a "buddy" with you as you walk. While you are not able to literally have the Pokemon of your choice follow you in the game, much like the original Gameboy game Pokemon Yellow had Pikachu, you are able to earn "candies" that will help to upgrade your favorite fighting companion. If you are looking to evolve a certain Pokemon that takes about 400 candies to evolve (I am looking at you, Magikarp), then walking around with that Pokemon in hand will add up your chances of being able to finally evolve them.

Another add-in is the appraising of your Pokemon by your gym leader. While the app creators might have been looking for more of a stats change in individual players, it seems that the focus is more on the Gym Leaders faces than the new "perk." Tumblr was taken by storm once you were able to see what Candela, Spark and Blanche actually looked like past the colored silhouette. Players began to develop their own fan-fiction about the origins of each character, as well as how the characters dynamic is with the other leaders.

However, what could app creators add in to bring back some momentum? Many players are looking for a trading aspect that mimics the feature in the popular Nintendo games. Being able to trade your Pokemon with other players could help not only those who are friends, but those who have the same alignment when it comes to Teams. Have a friend who needs a few more candies to raise stats on their Pigeotto? Although Pidgeys are not rare in the slightest, it would be really nice to rid yourself of some Pidgeys that you just keep to fill space.

Another popular potential add-in would be a real fighting mechanic for players to fight against each other in real time. While you may be able to gang up on the enemy team's gym, the opposing team is not able to fight back right then. Instead, they have to wait for their Pokemon to be defeated and for the gym to be taken over. Talk about kicking someone when they are down!

In the popular Nintendo games, you are able to get online and fight your friends to see who has the stronger team while taking turns with your best attacks. This would involve giving more attacks to Pokemon caught other than the two they come with, but I'm sure there would be no complaints if that was to be added.

Finally, being able to catch Pokemon that are exclusives to foreign countries or other states would be a nice touch. While many would love to be able to travel to these Pokemon, it is too costly for the average free app player to just hop on a plane to England. There is a slight chance to hatch some of these exclusives, but it still could leave younger players desperate to acquire them. Some players take the phrase "Gotta Catch Them All" seriously.

I do believe that until ratings are back up to the opening month's standards, app developers are going to continue to push for new ideas and hopefully listen to the complaints of the players. However, with the new Pokemon Sun & Moon being released this fall, we might just have to wait for new content. I am sure many other players will agree that if the bugs could be fixed before then, that would be a nice present for Christmas.

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