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By ReebokPrince

Unknown job working on foreclosed homes

There is a job out in the world that a lot of people do not know about. The job involves working on homes that have been foreclosed on. The work that is going to be done is cleaning of the homes and getting them ready for resale. The two companies that hire people to do this are Cyprexx and Safeguard.

One of the first items of business that you will need is a business license. Since there are other businesses that do this type of work, you will have to place a bid to Cyprexx or Safeguard with how much you will charge for your work. If you win the bid, you will print out the work order and go to the address of the foreclosed property.

The first procedure that is done is to take photos with a digital camera. Take a photo of the street address and all four sides of the property. Make sure the yard and house are in the photos. Some of the homes will have a key box with the key. Homes that do not have a key will have to be broken into.

You will have to drill out the lock on the door knob or take a hammer and bust the knob. Cyprexx will reimburse you for buying a new knob. Once inside, you take photos of each room going from left to right. Sometimes the company may want only photos. They will decide when the property is to be cleaned.

A generator is the main tool that will be needed. Most of the homes will not have power. Bring extra water because the water will be off in some of these houses. Cleaning supplies such as Comet, Windex and other tools will be required. Dress in button-up shirts and slacks.

The clothes need to be old because it is a dirty job. You may see police show up every once in a while because neighbors will think the people working are ripping off the house. Just have your paperwork ready. Once everything is photographed, you can begin cleaning out the house. People may have left items such as cars, televisions and other things you can keep if you want them.

Since you are a contractor, you will need to buy most of the items such as door knobs and key lock boxes. Anything you buy will be reimbursed. One of the rules when cleaning out the home is taking before, during and after photos. If someone is cleaning the window, a during photo must be taken.

Light bulbs must be replaced if missing. If there are any light switch plates or socket plates missing, replace them. If a home does not have a hand rail on the stairs, you are required to build one or buy one. You will need vacuums, lawn mowers and weed eaters. The paperwork will show what job is to be done.

Some jobs will take you out of town. Compensation for miles traveled will be added to your pay. This is a year-round job. A sales clean will be done every two weeks until the home is sold.

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