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By Thea Theresa English

Typical signs that you are over 30

You are now 35 years old and you still look amazing despite the different life stages you experienced. I will turn 35 later this year and here is a look at the typical signs that a person is over 30 years old.

You love those cooking and home improvement shows

This may not be the case for everyone over age 30 but this is the case for some. Maybe it's because you own a home now and you are always looking for ways to make it look fabulous. Or it might be because you are married with children and are trying to be adventurous in the kitchen.

You don't shop at Wet Seal

In my 20s I used to get my clothes from Rue 21, Wet Seal, Rainbow and Forever 21. Nowadays I buy clothes from local designer consignment shops, discount retailers and independent online clothing stores as well as clothing stores for mature women in the mall. I'm OK with the kind of clothing I wear now; I can still be stylish but not look like a teenager.

Budget is your middle name

In your 30s you are probably more financially mature and this means that you are likely to seek out bargains when you shop. I am always looking at the weekly sales when I get groceries and I get excited when I receive manufacturers' coupons in the mail. In addition, I like to buy sales items in bulk. While I do not have a written budget, I have gotten smarter about money management.

You have no time for relationship games

If you had your share of drama with relationships in your teens and 20s, you are probably getting tired of this and you are probably interested in something meaningful. That is the situation I am in now. As a single mother I want to date someone who is mature and who has an upward direction in life.

Even your musical tastes changed a little

As a teen I listened to mostly hip-hop and R&B. Nowadays you will find me listening to Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Fania All Stars, some blues music and a little world music. This came out of years of researching music history and listening to a lot of public radio programs.

Your career gets an upgrade or overhaul

My background is journalism but nowadays I am thinking about becoming an early childhood teacher because I enjoy working with children and I believe I can make a difference in their lives. Some people in their 30s decide to advance further in their careers through learning new skills while others might enter new careers altogether.

Discussing your kids is common

This is especially true with new mothers like myself. My daughter is almost a year old and I love to talk about how well she is walking and babbling these days. I talk about her fondness for certain foods and how she sleeps through the night without much hassle.

Being in your 30s is an adventurous and remarkable time in a person's life. Enjoy these years while you can.

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