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By Pamela Cooke

Types of insurance coverage for international travelers

Regardless of the international trip, which may be for business or leisure, good travel insurance coverage is always an important consideration to make for the traveling party. In the course of travel, people find themselves needing medical attention, accident prone and financially devastated. However, this should not be the case when travel insurance exists to protect people from the frustrations of an international trip gone sourly wrong.

Here are travel insurance coverage international travelers should consider the next time they are planning for a trip.

Medical evacuation insurance

Medical evacuation insurance facilitates transportation back to the US for treatment in case of physical injury or sickness in the course of the trip. This insurance cover is especially important for international travelers visiting remote areas or on a cruise trip. In the former, for instance, medical facilities may not be up to the US standard, while in the latter, a physical injury may require one to be airlifted back home for proper treatment. Without this insurance, international travelers will incur high costs to ensure they access medical facilities.

Travel health insurance

In the event that an international traveler falls sick, is involved in an accident or is injured in a foreign country, seeking medical attention would mean servicing the bill from their pockets, and this would be expensive because they are non-residents. Travel health insurance, which is an important cover for people with pre-existing health conditions, insures against medical emergencies such as ambulance costs, prescription drugs and medical bills in the event of an incident or accident that may occur to a US citizen in a foreign country.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance

Before embarking on some trips, booking a flight and the hotel room where one is going to reside in for the course of the trip is not only essential, but in some cases, it is mandatory. However, these bookings are made in non-refundable payments, which means canceling or cutting short a trip to go back home because of an emergency of some sort may translate to loss of money. This already bad situation is worsened by the fact that changing flights means spending more money where one needs not to.

This insurance covers one from the financial setbacks that canceling or interrupting a trip would cause by refunding to the international traveler the total amount owed at the time of trip interruption.

Flight delay and cancellation insurance

Most of the time, due to unforeseen weather changes, flights end up delayed or, in some extreme cases, canceled. Most airlines do not offer compensation for delayed and canceled flights, which to an international traveler would mean further inconveniences and expenses, such as new accommodation, meals and flight plans. However, with flight delay and cancellation insurance, this need not be a worry to the traveler as the insurance company has got them covered.

International travelers should realize that investing in a good insurance cover unburdens them of the worries accompanied with international trips hence allowing them to fully concentrate on the purpose of their trip. No trip is too short to consider an insurance cover.

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