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By Samantha McVay

Tips to keep motivated and exercising

Often, the most difficult aspect of a workout is simply finding the motivation to do it in the first place. As day sixty of your fitness routine rolls around, it can sometimes be challenging to elicit the same enthusiasm you possessed on day one. Thus, experts have developed tricks and tips designed to help you stay motivated and exercising.

Do what you like

The first step to any successful, long-term fitness journey is finding the exercises and activities that you enjoy. Do you hate running? Then signing up for a marathon, although trendy, may not be the right choice for you. Find an activity that you find enjoyable. Whether it is taking a spin class or hiking up a mountain, the more fun an exercise regime brings you, the more likely you are to continue doing it.

Switch things up

It is easy to get into a “workout rut” by sticking to the same activity day in and day out. Just as your mind can get bored of the same old thing, so can your body. Muscles need to be challenged in order to continue producing results. In order to avoid a progress plateau, experts suggest switching things up. Try a new class, or adapt a cardio routine to incorporate strength training. Both your muscles and mind will thank you.

Have the right mindset

Motivation often starts before you even get to the gym. Planning a pre-gym ritual to get “in the zone” is a great way to avoid the last minute motivation depletion. Get that pump-up playlist loaded onto your iPod and jam out on the way to the gym. You will be ready to destroy that workout and inspired to push even harder.

Find a workout buddy

It is easy to slack off and skip workouts when you are only answering to yourself. To stay accountable and keep up that routine, find a friend or family member willing to keep up with your fitness journey and choose one who is not afraid to sweat!

Set goals

Long-term goals are great, but setting short-term goals can take your motivation levels from a two to a ten. Set weekly or monthly rewards for working out. As you hit each short-term goal, you’ll be that much closer to hitting those long-term objectives, so schedule that massage or purchase that dress, so long as you are getting to the gym.

Stick to a schedule

The easiest way to transform working out from an effort to an ease is to make it part of your daily routine. Try to block off an hour a day for working out. The more it becomes part of your ritual, the less it will seem to be an inconvenience. Stick to the same time each day and soon working out will become as natural as taking a shower.


Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle change. If you view it as such, you will be less likely to blow it off. Listen to your body when it is sore and take days off. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Keeping this in mind is essential to finding your exercise motivation.

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