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By Thea Theresa English

Tips on organizing your kids' rooms

Do you get tired of buying new socks for the kids because they misplaced them in their rooms? Cluttered and disorganized rooms are not relaxing or functional, and there are several ways to organize your kids' rooms. Delegate some of the tasks to the kids, because it teaches them that they need to be responsible for keeping their rooms neat.

Get rid of items and clothes your child no longer needs

Start by going through your child's closet and drawers to see if there are any clothes that your child cannot fit anymore or does not want. Let your child participate in this activity and, when you are finished, decide if you are going to donate or throw away his old outfits. Then, go through the toy and book bin together and take out the toys and books your child is no longer interested in.

Use storage bins

Now that you got rid of the unnecessary items, it is time to categorize and put items in their own separate places. Purchase some storage bins, and put different types of toys and other valuables in each bin. You can put the baby dolls in one bin, her stuffed animals in the second bin and her books in the third one. Place the storage bins in the closet so that they will not take up space in her room.

Install shelves inside the closet for shoes

Instead of cluttering the bottom of the closet with shoes, you can install two to three shelves on the side wall of the closet so that it will be easy for your child to find his shoes. The first shelf can have tennis shoes, while the second shelf might have sandals and dress shoes.

Teach the kids how to clean their rooms

If you do not want the huge task of organizing their rooms every few weeks, then you will need to teach the kids the proper way to clean their rooms. Post a clipboard on the room's wall that has specific cleaning tasks that must be done each day. Make sure you demonstrate how to do them, then have the kids practice by themselves. Inspect their rooms to ensure that they cleaned the room thoroughly, and point out areas they missed.

Find storage space under the bed

This is especially a good idea if you have teens who have a lot of bedding items such as flat sheets, pillowcases and fitted sheets. Purchase a rectangular shaped storage bin that would fit under your teen's bed and place bedding items in them. This keeps the closet from being too cluttered.

Put a bookcase in the room

You do not want your child's desk to be cluttered with books, so it would be a good idea to put a bookcase in the room. Use the bookcase primarily for textbooks and any print materials that he or she currently reads.

Your kid's room does not have to look like chaos if you organize the items and use the best storage. This minimizes stress for the both of you long-term.

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