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By Thea Theresa English

Tips on buying Father's Day gifts on a budget

It is possible to purchase the best items for your dad this Father's Day even when you are on a budget. Take advantage of the Father's Day sales at various retailers and use coupons. Think about your father's favorite things and activities and use these as the springboard for ideas. Also look for presents that are meaningful.

Grilling accessories

For the dads who enjoy grilling great food, you can buy them grilling accessories. These might include a sauce mop, tongs, mini storage bins for their bottled sauces and dried spices, a grill cleaner, or a spatula. This will make his Father's Day extra special.

Gift card to his favorite clothing stores

If your dad is a fashionista, you can purchase some gift cards to his favorite clothing stores. This lets your dad choose his own outfits and you don't have to worry about having to return clothes because they were not his style. My dad loves high quality clothing so I give clothing store gift cards a lot for Father's Day.

Digital camera

Some dads love to capture family memories, and one of the best gifts you can give a sentimental dad is a neat digital camera. With the camera your dad can take as many photos as he likes and even create a scrapbook that he can share with his future grandchildren one day. Research different camera brands, prices and features before making a purchase.

Concert tickets

Most dads enjoy music, and you can get tickets to an upcoming concert he would be interested in at a discount price. Subscribe to the newsletters of local venues and ticket organizations, and when you see a particular concert ticket that is on sale, grab it.

Bottles of his favorite wine

For the dads who are excited about the latest wines, you can present him with a wrapped box of inexpensive but great-tasting wines. Include a combination of red and white wines unless he has a preference for a certain type. Supplement the wines with some cheese or chocolate.

Stationery set

While it is convenient to manage tasks online, some dads prefer the traditional way, and this is where a stationery set comes in. You can inscribe his initials or a personalized message from you on the front of his writing tablet or ink pens. The stationery set will keep him organized.

Specialty coffees and teas

Some people start their mornings with coffee or tea, and another gift idea is a set of specialty coffees and/or teas. Purchase your father's favorite brands but toss in some flavors or blends that he's never tried before. In addition to the coffees and teas, include some boxed pastries.

Inexpensive Father's Day card

Buy an inexpensive blank card and write a heartfelt message to him inside. You can also place a photo of yourself and your children inside the card. Have your children sign the card.

It is the meaning behind the gift that matters. Your father should be appreciated all year round.

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