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Three things I wish someone would've told me before college

The concept of college can be very intimidating. I remember my first day of class as a Freshman in college (speaking as if I am not still a freshman in college). However, it is also an amazing feeling to see the fruit of your labor. After going to high school for what seems like forever, you finally get accepted to a college. Congrats, but do not celebrate so hastily, the hard part is not over.

  1. The first thing I wish someone would've told me before going to college is to think about the money. More than anything, while choosing to go to college, you're making an expensive purchase. For example, I have only done two years of college after graduating high school in 2016. After two years, I have racked up a debt to the tune of $22,524. That isn't too bad, but knowing I have at least 6 more years to go, I estimate I'll be over 100k in debt if I finish school. Another matter to consider is choosing between community colleges, private colleges or public universities. I went to a public university for my first year and a community for my second. Don't forget about in-state and out of state tuition costs. Out of state tuition's are always more expensive than in-state. Lastly, how will you pay for your schooling? Private loans, federal student aid, cash? All very important things to consider.
  2. Living in a boy's dorm how can I describe the smell? It's a mixture between must, weed, and unwashed asses! In all seriousness, living in the boy's dorm room was a crazy experience. In hindsight, I should have made it a point to pick or fill out a form for roommate selection. Nevertheless, I was roomed with someone I'd never choose to be roomed with. His name was Tre, and he was a filthy guy. The first day I entered the room, it was a complete mess. He had his stuff all over the room, more like the floor, and it sent me a red flag. Besides being messy, he was also homophobic, prejudice of Yankees, and happily ignorant. To this day, I think he was sexually curious to me, but that's neither here nor there. What I am trying to convey is, if you can, always meet your roommate in advance, or find a way to room with someone with similar characteristics and interests.
  3. Finally, the most important thing I wish someone would have told me before going to college is checking on my mental state. I have issues with depression, as well as anxiety. Likewise, I have social and confidence issues. Yet with all, I still chose to go cross country from Connecticut to Texas. While some teens can handle living out of state and completely independently, most can't. I am happy to have had that experience as a curious 18-year-old boy. In only a year, I went through life-changing experiences and had some of the most fun to date. In the same breath, I went through so many things that I shouldn't have. For better or worse, my time in the south made me a stronger person.

All in all, college is a life-altering experience. While some soar through college with A's, other might flunk with F's. College parties are a sight to behold, enough said. You may make lifelong friends at college. Living on campus can either your second home or your worst nightmare. Either way, it's all a part of the package. Hopefully, my story can help prepare a future student for college.

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