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By DenaeKohler

Three easy steps to a faster metabolism

Do you feel like you are constantly chasing a fitness goal that is always just one solution beyond your reach? So often, people complain that their slow metabolism is the culprit behind their lack of success. This is not inaccurate; correcting an unruly metabolism will help you take a huge step closer to your fitness goals. Here are three easy ways you can activate a faster metabolism.

Snack your day away

There are many studies that cover the benefits of snacking throughout the day. Eating smaller, healthy meals more frequently throughout the day has been proven to increase the metabolic processes in your body that improve overall health. Your blood glucose levels are more constant, insulin secretion
is managed, carbohydrate breakdown is more efficient and many more processes are allowed to function optimally. This is an easy method; however, for this to be successful you must watch what you're snacking on. Eating a bag of Doritos instead of a handful of almonds is tempting, but the latter is metabolically beneficial.

Get your beauty sleep

As many of us learned at a young age, sleep is an important part of our everyday life. With the hustle and bustle of today's world, it can be difficult to consistently get an adequate amount of sleep. Experiencing sleep deficiency causes our bodies to slow and prevents our metabolism from processing energy efficiently. Without proper amounts of sleep, our bodies become metabolically slower. The processes that allow our bodies to lose weight slow down to conserve energy to get us through a tired day. It is suggested that we get 7-8 hours of solid sleep per day. Giving your body the rest it needs will allow your metabolism to work faster, thus helping you lose weight.

Practice HIIT

High intensity interval training has been a frequently talked about form of fitness training for a few years now, and the benefits are undeniable. Your metabolism is not just involved in breaking down food, it is also involved in breaking down fat. This form of training does not just burn calories and fat during the workout. HIIT also forces your body to continue breaking down fat and building muscle hours after you stop sweating. This process of burning fat and building muscle is a huge metabolism stimulant. Thus, if you mix up your workout routine and force your body to build more muscle, your body will also be forced to increase your metabolism, subsequently burning fat and causing weight loss.

We are all on a different fitness path, but many of us share the same goal: We want to be healthy and be the best healthy person we can be. However, genetics and life can sometimes throw us a metabolic curve-ball and leave us fighting against a lazy metabolism throughout this never-ending fitness journey. These are just three simple ways you can improve your metabolic health, but what is more important than your metabolism is your consistency. Stay consistent with your goals, motivation and routine and your metabolism will take your lead and work more consistently for you.

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