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By ReebokPrince

The Undertaker: the most unique pro wrestler ever

Mark William Calaway, better known as "The Undertaker" in the pro wrestling world, is the most unique character in wrestling history. Calaway's first debut match occurred in November of 1990 on the wrestling show Superstars. This character is portrayed as a wrestler with supernatural powers. When the music hits, the lights go out and he makes the slow walk into the ring.

The Undertaker character is the equivalent of a walking corpse or a dead man. In fact, Deadman is one of the many nicknames he is known by. He cannot feel pain, and he never reacts to pain. Mark did wrestle for NWA/WCW promotions before being hired by the WWE. Hulk Hogan was then the cornerstone of the WWE, which was WWF at the time.

Hogan is still the most recognizable global wrestling star, but the Undertaker is right up there with him. When the so-called streak began in 1991 at a WrestleMania event, the Undertaker wrestled and beat Jimmy Snuka. After that first victory, the undertaker was victorious for 21 WrestleMania events, until the most shocking loss to Brock Lesner in 2014 at WrestleMania 30. Fans and fellow wrestlers were in shock.

Fans always expected the Undertaker to always win during his WrestleMania matches. There is speculation that Taker wanted to end the streak. Several people higher up in the company said Vince McMahon decided to bring the streak to an end. Undertaker's health came into question. He has had so many injuries over several years. He started wrestling only once or twice a year. During his second loss at WrestleMania last year, he decided to retire.

When he would wrestle at WrestleMania, the wrestlers would become fans during his matches. He is older than these younger wrestlers, who grew up watching him over the years. He is the leader of the locker room. He has the most experience in the company. Younger talent goes to him for advice. The Undertaker would watch the younger wrestler's matches, and he would critique those matches.

Now people wonder if he really retired, because it does not show that he retired on Wikipedia. Just watching him make the slow spectacular entrance to the ring is worth the price of admission alone. Wrestlers who wrestled him would be in awe just watching him come to the ring at the moment they had to wrestle him.

Steve Austin spoke about a moment when he was waiting in the ring for the Undertaker. They discussed what they were going to do in their match for the evening. Austin mentioned that when the Undertaker's music hit and he made his way to the ring, he forgot nearly everything that they were going to do in that match. Knowing you are about to have a match with one of the most popular stars in wrestling history can cause you to forget a few things.

Now, Mark is married and has kids. He has had a great career and has the wealth to retire and do what he wants to do. Long live "The Undertaker!"

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