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By Johnnie Guerrio; Freelance Writer

The top three leftover turkey recipes

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but like many people, you still have a fridge full of turkey leftovers to tend to. There are only so many turkey sandwiches one can make before getting tired of them, but what else is there that can be made from your leftovers? Surprisingly, there are a number of different turkey leftover recipes, including soups, salads, sandwiches and delicious entrees. Below are the top three turkey leftover recipes that everyone is trying out this year. See if one of these catches your eye to surprise your family with and free up space in your fridge!

Turkey enchiladas
One of the top recipes is turkey enchiladas. These are best served with refried beans and sour cream. All you need is red enchilada sauce, shredded Monterey and Cheddar cheese blend, tortillas, an onion, black olives, and cooked turkey. It takes 45 minutes to make and provides six servings. Many have claimed this as their favorite recipe and make it every year. Others have said it is quick and easy to make and really fills you up; it is also a good comfort food to eat as well. Click here for the full recipe!

Turkey noodle casserole
This dish takes a bit longer to make, but it has received rave reviews from everyone who has tried it. This is a great dish for a cold day and for those with kids. You will need egg noodles, butter, flour, cold milk, condensed cream of mushroom soup, red and green bell peppers, green onions, garam masala, dried tarragon, shredded pepper jack cheese, crushed potato chips, salt and skinless turkey. It takes an hour to make, and it provides six servings. Some people have said it is a delicious family meal, and others have said it is a great go-to meal for cooking early and warming up later on. View the full recipe and cooking instructions on AllRecipes.

Southwestern turkey soup
This is a delicious, quick and easy soup to make, and a great meal to have alone or with a nice sandwich. It’s great to make with your family as well. You will need vegetable broth, whole peeled tomatoes, chopped green chili peppers, roma tomatoes, garlic cloves, lime juice, cayenne pepper, ground cumin, salt and pepper for taste, an avocado, cilantro, and cooked turkey. It takes only 45 minutes to make and has eight servings. Many have said this is a great meal that is kid friendly, and something you can whip up in a jiffy. Full recipe and instructions can be found here.

There are a plethora of recipes out there that you can use for your leftover turkey troubles, but these are the three that are the most popular and the most scrumptious. We scoured the internet for the most popular recipes that are family friendly and easy to make, and these three caught our eye. You won’t be sorry if you make your leftover turkey into a yummy casserole, soup, or even enchiladas! Try one of these recipes and we can guarantee you will have a very happy and satisfied family thanking you and praising you on your culinary skills. Happy cooking!

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