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By Johnnie Guerrio; Freelance Writer

The top five must-try cardio exercises for beginners

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be a big step in your life. There are plenty of exercises that will sculpt your body and help you gain energy, but the best exercise for beginners is cardio. There are many cardio exercises out there, but those geared toward beginners are what anyone who is new to exercise should start with. These top five cardio exercises are perfect for beginners looking to start and stick with a healthy lifestyle, as well as those looking to tone up their body and get back into shape. Take a look below.


One of the cardio exercises every beginner should start with is walking. Walking tones not only the legs and butt, but also the entire body. Walking for at least thirty minutes three to five times per week can help you burn fat, tone your body and feel energized. Walking while moving your arms can burn nearly double the fat and help tone your upper body as well. Walking is a cardio exercise that every beginner, or anyone who has taken a break from working out, should start with first.


Another wonderful cardio workout is biking. The beauty of this cardio is that it can be done at home, at a gym, or outside. If you prefer the old-fashioned way of biking, going for a bike ride for thirty minutes or more three times a week can burn fat, tone your legs and butt and help you become more balanced. It is also quite a good exercise for your belly. If you prefer to do this at a gym, you can join a spin class – it is just using a bike machine. Or you can always purchase a bike machine and ride your bike in the comfort of your own home.


Another top cardio exercise is swimming. Swimming tones the entire body, helps you gain strength and burns a ton of fat. Swimming for at least twenty or more minutes three times a week will help you tone your body, burn fat and lose weight. It is a great cardio exercise for any age, as well – no matter if you are a young adult, middle-aged or senior!

Jumping rope

This cardio exercise is a good one for those who are beginners, and for those who have good hand-eye coordination. Jumping rope tones both the arms and legs and helps you burn fat. Jumping rope for ten to fifteen minutes three times a week can help you lose weight and tone up quick.


Lastly, there is running. Just like walking, running tones the whole body. However, it can burn double the fat that walking does. It is a great exercise to lose weight, gain stamina and energy and sweat out any toxins, and is one of the best for beginners at cardio.

There are many cardio exercises beginners can try, but these five are the best for those beginning cardio workouts. You will tone up, burn fat, gain energy and strength and much more. Give these a try! Within a week you are sure to feel a difference, and within two weeks you are bound to see a difference, too.

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