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By Jessica Holscher

The top 6 reasons to try acupuncture

The thought of having dozens of tiny needles inserted into your skin may seem frightening, but acupuncture really works for many different conditions. Lots of people find relief from pain and stress through acupuncture treatments, so why not you? Check out these five reasons you need to try acupuncture for yourself.

1. Eases muscles and joint pain

Acupuncture effectively helps to reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation in your muscles and joints. In traditional Chinese medicine, the theory is that your life force flows through pathways in your body. When these become blocked or imbalanced, they cause disease. The needles are supposed to unblock and balance the pathways.

The Western approach, however, is that acupuncture is based on neuroscience, and the needles stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissues. This stimulation increases blood flow, which promotes your body's natural healing abilities.

2. May eliminate or reduce the need for medication

Every medication comes with a long list of side effects. Like most alternative medicines, acupuncture treatment does not rely on medication to control pain or conditions. In fact, acupuncturists are not allowed to prescribe medications. Instead of masking the underlying problem with medication, acupuncture treats the cause. Do not stop taking your medication without speaking to your doctor, but routine acupuncture visits may eliminate the need for medication.

3. Keeps your circulatory system healthy

Acupuncture is great for your blood pressure. In fact, it can help lower your systolic blood pressure by up to 20 points. It does this by sending a signal to your brain to regulate your cardiovascular system. Unfortunately, a few trips to the acupuncturist will not treat your blood pressure for life. To keep reaping the benefits, you must continue to undergo routine acupuncture treatments.

4. Relaxes your body

Acupuncture promotes relaxation throughout your body. Firstly, by helping treat stiffness and soreness caused by injuries, daily strain and exercise, acupuncture allows your muscles to loosen and relax. Two other major culprits in causing tension and strain in your body are stress and anxiety. It is still unclear how acupuncture helps with stress and anxiety, but one theory is that acupuncture treatments can block the hormones that cause the "fight or flight" feelings.

5. Reduces the side effects of cancer treatment

If you are undergoing cancer treatment, acupuncture is a blessing. It helps with many of the negative side effects of radiation treatment and chemotherapy without causing negative side effects. Instead, acupuncture actually reduces the severity of cancer treatment side effects like nausea, vomiting, pain, stress and emotional problems.

6. Treatment designed for you

One of the greatest advantages to acupuncture is that the treatment is designed for you. Even if you have the same condition as another patient, you do not receive the same treatment because you have a different body. There may be something else causing your problem, so treatment is not a one-size-fits all approach, ensuring you get the best treatment for you.

Acupuncture is a natural way to treat pain and reduce stress. Unlike traditional medicine, it does not have negative side effects, and it doesn't rely on medication to mask problems. If you are ready to give acupuncture a try, locate an acupuncturist in your area and make an appointment today to discover the amazing benefits for yourself.

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