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By Terri Mitchell

The time is now for a new leather jacket or coat

If you have an older leather jacket, it could be time to refresh your wardrobe with a newer, more-stylish version. While vintage leather is cool, your wardrobe may benefit from something a bit updated and tailored. Visit online leather vendors and boutiques to find these options when shopping for a new leather jacket:

Modified bombers. Bomber jackets always seem to be in style, but a modified bomber is a bit more contemporary featuring more tailoring and a shorter fit than conventional versions.

Tailored-leather blazers. A great tailored blazer is an excellent option when buying a new leather jacket. Consider modern tailoring, such as a shorter cut and tighter fit for the most flattering design.

Cropped biker-style jacket. If you are getting rid of your old biker jacket, replace it with a more modern one for your wardrobe. These are often cropped, with more zippers and pockets than the older styles.

A hip-length trench. Leather trench coats are great, but bulky. Opt for a hip-length trench for a fresh spin on a classic favorite.

A leather cape. While it is not exactly a jacket, a leather cape is another great option that will soon become a staple of your everyday wardrobe.

Treat yourself to a new leather jacket and get rid of the old one! When you are ready to take the plunge, consider the following ways to give your old leather a second life:

Create some cute accessories. There are so many small items, accents, and accessories that are possible when you recycle a leather jacket. For example, use online video tutorials to find suggestions for making an envelope clutch, which also makes an excellent gift.

Make your own envelope clutch out of an arm, back, or scrap of leather:

– Create a pattern; cut your leather carefully.

– Use paper clips to hold leather in place during construction, instead of pins that can puncture the leather.

– Fold the clutch and use a leather-crafting stud-screw for the closure. Carefully cut a small slice in the flap to fit over the stud.

– Use the clutch for papers, cash, and cards, or use it as a clever way to give a gift card or currency.

Upholster a stool or ottoman. Follow the online tutorials to cut your old jacket to maintain the largest pieces of leather possible. Deconstruct the jacket and use the largest piece to cover a bar stool, foot stool, or small ottoman, depending on the size of your jacket or coat. Use a staple gun to secure under the seat, and enjoy!

Donate the jacket to charity. Another idea is to donate unwanted or worn jackets to a local thrift store or charity. It is not uncommon for animal shelters to utilize the durable leather for bedding in kennels, so ask around to find a new home for your old leathers!

Try on different styles to find the new leather that is right for you, and use these tips to give your old jacket a second life. Visit online boutiques to find the perfect jacket or coat to enhance and elevate your current wardrobe, and enjoy the compliments that this acquisition brings!

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