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By Caitlin Sullivan

The struggles of a long distance relationship

For anyone who has never experienced one, long distance relationships are hard. Some would even venture to say they suck. I myself have been in one for the last three and a half years, and I know for a fact that they aren't for everyone. It's hard to not have your significant other off living their life in another state instead of by your side at all times. I don't feel the struggles of long distance are taken seriously enough, and now that online dating is such a popular thing, I feel they need to be understood better. Which is why I am here now to explain what it's like for the people who fell for someone despite the distance, and why we feel it is worth it.

Long distance relationships aren't for everyone. They involve a lot of long drives, crossing bridges, paying tolls, long phone and FaceTime calls, nights alone and countless text messages. While other couples get to go home to each other every night, you have to move your schedule around just to be able to go and see your significant other. Date nights must be scheduled weeks in advance, and you must deal with the sadness that washes over you during the inevitable moment in which you both have to part ways again. But the saying "distance makes the heart grow fonder" really is true in this situation.

There is no better feeling then finally seeing your significant other in person after a rough week. Seeing their face light up when they see you and finally being able to hug and kiss them feels indescribable. Every mundane task you do with them feels special, even if it's just sitting on the couch watching Netflix. Every moment you get to spend with them is a moment you cherish and that's what sets long distance relationships apart from any other. They teach you how to really appreciate people and the time that you get to spend with them. They help teach you what it takes to love someone even when things get hard. They help you realize how special life is and how to enjoy all the time we are given on this earth.

With the huge presence of social media and online dating, long distance relationships are much more present then ever before. Now you can go on your phone and within seconds start talking to someone who lives halfway across the globe. The internet is a magical thing that has brought so many people from all walks of life together. And because of it, more and more people will have to deal with the struggles of long distance relationships. They are not for everyone, but in my opinion they are well worth it. Love knows no limits, and for some it is only strengthened by distance. So know that if you are one of the people in this world dealing with the struggles of distance, there are plenty of others who feel your pain. And in the end, it will all be worth it.

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