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By Selena Uptain

The next generation of horror lies online

Everyone remembers 80s slasher flicks. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers are all names that struck fear into our hearts as children. What I'd like to talk about today, dear reader, is where are the successors to this legacy of terror? I believe the answer lies within the bowels of the internet. For those unfamiliar, the term "creepypasta" refers to horror stories that are posted online and spread, i.e "copied and pasted." This genre, I feel, is where the horror directors of today should look in order to revive the slasher genre and even the horror genre as a whole. Here are the five stories that I feel would make the best movies:

1. Jeff the Killer

Jeff is one of the most well known figures of this genre. The story of Jeff the Killer has spawned several sequels, spin-off characters (such as Homicidal Liu and Jane the Killer), and many re-imaginings. The story continues to rise in popularity every year. Jeff was a boy who was badly burned by a bully. Then Jeff suffered a mental breakdown and mutilated his own face by carving a smile and burning off his eyelids. He then proceeded to murder his own family. His signature phrase is "Go to sleep". Jeff possesses all the elements of a classic slasher tale, and I believe he could become the Jason Voorhees of the new generation.

2. Ben Drowned

This technologically-based story weaves elements of doomsday cults and the paranormal to spawn one of the most psychologically terrifying characters of all time. After all, what's more frightening than an entity who knows everything about you, can follow you anywhere you go, and who's primary goal is to destroy your very sanity? Ben is believed to have been a young boy who was drowned by his father. The father was part of a doomsday cult inspired by the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the very video game Ben now haunts. Ben has the ability to control every aspect of the game and bend it to his will as well as transfer himself across any electronic device. Forget dreamland, Freddy fans. This is a demon that can truly destroy your life.

3. Laughing Jack

You thought the clown Pennywise from Stephen King's "It" was scary? You haven't met Laughing Jack. This child killing clown might look like your average goth guy, but do not underestimate him. Laughing Jack is actually a cosmic entity who was created to be the friend of a lonely little boy named Isaac. Isaac was sent away soon to boarding school and Jack was left alone for many years. However, upon his return, Isaac developed a taste for murder, and after years of isolation, Jack was more than happy to share in Isaac's new hobby. Also, folks, Jack reminds us exactly why you should not take candy from strangers…

4. Eyeless Jack

It seems like Hannibal Lecter had a son…. a grey skinned, blue mask wearing, demon possessed son. Eyeless Jack is a former doctor who, after becoming possessed by a demon, developed a taste for human organs: kidneys, in particular. Like your classic slasher, Jack enjoys stalking and terrorizing his victims; however, he doesn't always kill them. After all, you can survive without a kidney. Even so, the thought of a cannibalistic demon performing surgery on you in your sleep is certainly a good reason to keep one eye open.

5. Ticci Toby

Hatchet wielding maniacs, gotta love them right? How about one that can't feel pain? That's right, Ticci Toby is a special kind of slasher. No matter what you hit him with, he can't feel a thing. Toby is a proxy of an entity known as the Slenderman. After the death of Toby's sister, the Slenderman began to drive Toby mad, inciting him to murder his abusive father. After setting fire to the surrounding neighborhood, the Slenderman rescued Toby. Slenderman then proceeded to steal Toby's memories one by one and mold him into the killing machine he is now. Michael Myers vs Ticci Toby: who do you think would win? My bet's on Toby.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of what I feel could be today's slasher icons. There's plenty more out there so, Hollywood, the slasher genre won't "GO TO SLEEP" anytime soon.

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