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By Steven Banning

The metaphysical world of claircognisance and the third eye

The "other" senses

Metaphysics is a broad area of philosophy that explains the fundamental nature of being and the world it surrounds; although it is difficult to define, it is derived from the Greek meta ta physika ("after the things of nature"). In the realm of the metaphysical we possess four senses: clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling) and claircognisance (clear understanding). Understanding the characteristics of these senses and the conflicts between them provides us with the ability to tap into the metaphysical world and see our "psychic" realm.

Claircognisance: "clear seeing"

Many of us can connect to that sensation of foreboding or recalling an experience of an event, place, person or situation that we know as a déjà vu; in the land of our metaphysical senses this is known as claircognisance, the power to experience sudden insights regarding a question or post in your life. The result, many times, will come to you with only "knowing" without receiving any clear or concrete evidence to back it up. It can come in the form of a premonition or prediction with a note of certainty or success. Many of us possess the ability to "clear see," but because the "knowing" may cause an uneasy feeling or induce stress, validation is difficult without providing evidence or proof of this cognition.

Third eye blind

Knowing and being receptive to our knowledge gained through insight into questions or situations about our life is part of our crown chakra, or third eye. Becoming a "blind eye" to this chakra, we are unable to sustain a well-defined sense of recognizing something or getting familiar with a consequence that has occurred in the past, present or future. Luckily, we have the power to break this sense and learn how to trust our gut feeling.

Clearly now

Developing your metaphysical senses is easy – all it takes is devoting a bit of time to exercises that will help you develop your "other" senses. Developing claircognisance and the ability to see with your third eye will allow you to trust in your instincts and follow your gut.

Tuning in

In the land of the metaphysical and the psychic realm lies a dimension that has possession of our "other" senses. The ability to recognize and develop our metaphysical self lies in personal discipline, patience and training, and our ability to utilize inborn psychic abilities is a gift of life that can benefit everyone.

Spirit writing

A method whereby many have found success in developing their other senses is gathering information for themselves and channeling higher spirits, through the written word. Automatic writing, or spirit writing, should start out with a prayer or meditation, allowing the mind to clear itself of clutter, allowing us access to inborn psychic powers.

Spirit writing should take place in an environment that is comfortable, quiet and functional. Locate your space and get comfortable. Thirty minutes of uninterrupted time will set the right frame of mind for you to begin writing.

Start by asking realistic questions by writing or typing out your first inquiry, saying it silently to yourself, waiting and taking heed for the answer, and then beginning to type out exactly what comes to your head. It is important to recognize that if the response you were given does not pertain to the question asked your mind is still not clean enough to go forward. So, this is a time to hold back and refocus, perhaps reciting a cleansing prayer again. Keep in mind that there are times in the day where there is simply too much on the mind and if that is the case, put your writing away until you are calm and can concentrate.


Meditation is always an important part of tapping into your "other" senses. The practice of meditation allows us to free our minds of any distractions or wandering thoughts, and quieting the mind makes it much easier to hear spirit guides, allowing you to recognize and receive the appropriate information. Practicing the various techniques that are found in meditation that help in quieting the mind and relaxation techniques to help you get in touch with your inner voice will accomplish a sense of clarity and the ability to access your intuition will provide you peace of mind.

The ability found in meditation and the rest that occurs along with meditation will allow your subconscious to come through, bringing clarity to questions you ask and the responses you get.

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