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By Katie Hernan

The magic of Walt Disney World – and family vacation

Summer vacation – the time when the kids are out of school, and the family for a season is together. But when thinking of where to vacation to, does someone point out Walt Disney World, and do you as the parents agree? Because why not – everyone loves that mouse. Now, here is where the essential planning for Walt Disney World comes into play.


Yay! The vote is unanimous, and Walt Disney has the green light. But when thinking Disney, questions begin to rise. "Should we stay at a Disney resort?" or "Should we stay at another resort but drive to the park?" or "Is there enough money to even stay out of the area and drive to it?"

But it is okay. Booking a package of airfare and hotel is best. The prices are much less than when booking separately, not to mention Walt Disney World offers free transportation to and from the airport when you stay at the resort, so you can cross driving off the list.


It has been said that Disney World is for everyone of all ages. But what happens when one of the Mouseketeers is just about two years of age or younger? Would they remember their first Disney trip? Probably not. But that does not mean they should miss out on getting their first pair of Mickey's ears while the other kids have theirs. There is a quick and easy solution. It is typically known as "Rider Switch," the general idea being while mom goes on the ride with the rest of the children, dad keeps with the little one until the others are off the line in an area designated for guest that are not going get on the ride but wait. It all makes for an easy transition, and no one is sad that they can not go on the ride. Let us remember the magic of Disney is for all.

The park

While many theme parks surround that of the Walt Disney area, it is easy to get swept away in confusion. The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and the Animal Kingdom just to name a few. Should you not be in the Disney area for that long of time, there are always fun options that can help you see it all. With Park Hopper advantages, you can purchase tickets, where one day the family can enjoy The Magic Kingdom and the next day, they can enjoy Epcot. Now, if you only want to do one park, a map is essential. Have the children gather around and pick the rides they most want to get on, time character visits, for autographs and pictures, and also have on hand snacks and water, keeping hydrated is important.

No more Mickey

There always comes the time – either it is closing time, or time to leave in general. The children have had so much fun that they do not want to leave. Some will start to cry; you are tired, your feet are aching, and you hope they fall asleep on the bus or boat ride back to the resort. With pictures and laughter galore, you have all had the best summer vacation for the decade. Now, what is the next vacation going to be?

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