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By Jeremy Brooks

The importance of being involved in the PTA

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a network of students, teachers, parents and other community leaders that is devoted to the educational success of children. Founded in 1897, this organization actively pushes to make public education an efficient system for everyone involved. This organization has proven to be a useful tool for academic success, as well as for getting to help others in the community. Here are a few reasons as to why any parent should join the PTA.

The PTA is a great way to look out for your children

The ultimate purpose of this organization is to put a bridge between the communication gaps that exist in our education system. The PTA is one of the first places a parent should go in order to get their voice heard about educational concerns. It is your job as a parent, especially if your child is in elementary school, to be an advocate for your child’s education. If you see an issue with the way your child’s school is run, the PTA should be the first place you go. The school is not going to fix a problem that they do not know exists. Being a member of the PTA lets the school and your children know that quality education is important to you and you want to do what you can to be sure that your children are being represented.

You know what is going on around your child’s school

Not only is the PTA a great place to voice your concerns, but it is also an excellent place to get information from teachers and other faculty members. As a member of the PTA, you have an advantage over other parents because you are more likely to know the details about the next fundraiser before the other parents do.

You help your community

There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve made a difference in your community. When you join the PTA, you become a part of something bigger than yourself. The organization allows you to get involved in your community by helping out with fundraisers, dances, canned food drives and more! The school could not work as well as it does without the PTA’s help. This also shows your children the importance of being involved in the community and being a part of something beyond themselves. Not only does the PTA work for individual schools in your neighborhood, the organization also advocates to better education on a nationwide basis, and you can add your voice.

It helps to be a familiar face

Despite popular belief, joining the PTA is not enough to get your child the best education they can get. It is important to go to PTA meetings because it will allow for you to form personal relationships with the faculty at the school. If any problems arise with you and your child, the school officials are much less likely to turn you away if they know you on a personal level. Forming personal relationships with school officials will give your child a competitive edge.

There are scholarship opportunities

The PTA does not just serve as a method of communication between parents and faculty; it also supports the idea of going to college. If you are a member of the PTA when your child is a senior in high school, there may be a scholarship that your child can apply for later. Being part of the PTA sometimes takes a lot of work, so why not make sure that your hard work and dedication has paid off?

The PTA is a great organization to join because it helps you get more involved with your child’s life, as well as benefiting others around you. With its mission to make it easier for students and parents to communicate with teachers and other staff, the PTA is a great choice for anyone who wants to be a part of something bigger than themselves and benefit the people around them. In addition, the PTA will also help faculty and staff to better articulate what is going on around the school, as well as any future activities that parents should know about. It serves a great purpose, and it is a win-win situation for all parties!

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