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By Nickole Smith

The Effect Music Has on You

Did you know that music has powers? Music is so powerful that it can creep into your psyche. Listening to music can change your mood and feeling. Have you ever wondered why everything changes when music is involved? The magic of music has the power to calm, motivate, create and energize. There are different types and moods of music that can just hit you right in the feelings. Some people use music to express their thoughts and feelings. It's a way to release pent-up energy and to let loose.

I absolutely love music! Listening to a certain song can change everything about the way I feel. To be someone who can easily learn lyrics and feel what the song is trying to say is a gift. Songs to me are nothing but poetry put to a beat, and that is something I can relate to. For example, when the lead singer of Linkin Park sang his song "Heavy" with another artist, you could feel the struggles that he was feeling in life. All the problems that were building up were vividly expressed in his song. I felt every word that he sang, and every note washed over me. It made me think that I was not the only one who felt like everything was against me. Music can create so many emotions and help you relate to how others feel.

You can tell what someone is feeling, or what they are going through, by the songs they are singing or the music they are listening to. One song can tell you so much about a person, but it only comes out when expressed through music. Creating music is not an easy thing to do. Coming up with words to show how you feel and putting them in lyrics and stanzas is difficult. Being judged by how you feel or what you write leaves you vulnerable. Not many people can leave themselves open and exposed for everyone to see. Taking the chance to see if others will listen to what you have to say is hard. I've been through that; it can leave you broken and scared when others attack or hate or ignore what you do.

Some people do not have the stomach to handle denial or rejection. Putting all your feelings and thoughts into writing and having someone tell you it's no good is heartbreaking. Every song or melody that is made is from someone's heart and soul. It shows who they are and what they are going though. Most songs are ignored, which is just as bad as being rejected.

You cannot just open yourself up and expect someone to understand. Sometimes it just does not work that way. When that happens, the artist tends to bury everything back inside and keep it bottled up till they cannot handle it anymore. They expressed themselves and opened up to let others see, and they got let down. There is not anything more they can do, and they may eventually break down mentally and physically. Effective creators must be able to let go of their songs without caring for how they are received. The publishing itself is the catharsis they desperately seek.

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