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By Emm Orduna

Ten out-of-the-box date ideas

Not only will an unconventional date make you seem more memorable, it will detract from the awkwardness of a first date. Although dinner and a movie is a good standby, having a unique date might make dating a lot more enjoyable. Also, if the first date goes well, you already have the second through tenth dates planned.

1. Bring out your competitive edge. What better to fill the silences than the playful buzz of an arcade? Head over to a trivia night and have fun learning about interests that might not come up immediately. Bowling, mini golf, laser tag–there’s something for everyone. Plus, a little friendly competition will show you what kind of person your date is. Are they gracious winners or sore losers? Are they strategic or impulsive?

2. Get cute and cuddly. Have a dog? Bring Fido along for your date. Head over to an animal shelter if you don’t have any pets of your own. You might just leave with a new friend.

3. Become a tourist in your own city. Check out Groupon for discount tours. You might learn something new about your city. It’s goofy enough to help distract you from first date jitters. Remember to take plenty of cheesy photos. Alternatively, pick a landmark that neither of you have been to and explore it together.

4. Go outside. Sometimes the best dates are the simplest. Pick a scenic location for a walk. Any lapse in your conversation will be eclipsed by the view.

5. Go shopping together. Are you both avid readers? Go hunt for hidden gems at a used book store. Other options include record stores, funky thrift shops, farmer’s markets and flea markets.

6. Let your philanthropic side show. Volunteer together. There’s plenty to choose from. Check upcoming events that call for volunteers. Volunteer at a retirement home, a soup kitchen or a donation center.

7. Go to a museum. There are a variety of museums for each interest. Traveling exhibits mean there is always something new to check out. There are some children’s museums that open up to just adults on certain nights.

8. Food crawl. Build your own three-course meal. Visit a different restaurant for each course, preferably somewhere new to you. Take turns picking the restaurant. Since you’re moving around a lot, you’ll hardly have time to be nervous or awkward.

9. Support your local sports team. You might not be the biggest sports fan (or maybe you are), but group chants sure help when breaking the ice. Show off your spirit and get a foam finger. Replenish your energy with a hot dog and some popcorn.

10. Take a class together. There are plenty of classes to choose from. Cooking and tasting classes allow you to include dinner into your date. However, there are many other courses to choose from in most cities. Painting, pottery, woodworking, and photography are other more artistic possibilities.
At the end of the day, do what makes you the most comfortable. Your date is most likely just as nervous as you are. Be open to new experiences, be present and be honest.

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