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By John Wanjiru

Sustainable use of natural resources

The dynamism of the world over the last few centuries has had great influence on the living organisms on the planet and on the natural resources. This has resulted in most countries having rapid production from the available natural resources, since the industrial revolution. Nevertheless, a breakthrough in technological advancement in the twenty-first century has led to over-exploitation of natural resources due to the increasing efficiency of machines. Most governments have raised a red flag on the increased depletion of the natural resources on the face of the earth; endangered species have been increasing over the years.

Sustainable development should be adhered to by all stakeholders, for the purpose of the future generation who are also the beneficiaries of the resources. Nonetheless, all organizations in the environment sector should come up with a framework to ensure there is sustainable use of natural resources. Agreeing on the underlying problem in the environment is paramount; this enhances a quick resolution on the measures to be taken to calm the problem. The changing weather and climate patterns over the years have been left at the mercy of nature; this is a great threat to the future natural resources on the environment.

Natural catastrophes have raised concern in the world; it is important to ensure there are measures put in place to control immense impact on the environment. Evolution does not stop. Living organisms have been adapting to the changes in the environment to enhance their survival. People should come up with adaptation mechanisms that enhance sustainable use of natural resources, to guarantee the survival of tomorrow's generation. Technological development has been linked to the rapid climate change experienced over the years, due to the increased pollution of the natural environment, disrupting natural replenishment.

There should be international regulation on the natural resource exploitation that all countries should adhere to regardless of their status in the economy. The developed countries are the greatest polluters due to increased industries that have supported their growth; therefore, they should be levied to ensure there are appropriate measures taken to conserve the environment. Countries should take the initiative to promote conservation of natural resources that have faced exploitation, minimizing on the probability of extinction of various endangered species. The increasing environmental crisis experienced over the last few decades has been intense; this has promoted increased loss of lives and disruption of the ecological systems.

Furthermore, people should not be skeptical of the environmental changes, but ensure there are adaptive measures in place. Climate change cannot be stopped, but it can be controlled if all stakeholders agree on a common goal of enhancing the sustainability of the limited natural resources. To control the increasing catastrophe on the environment, people should be more concerned about the sustainable use of natural resources that are depleting on a daily basis. Finally, nature is fair to those who are fair; therefore, people should ensure they are more careful when dealing with the environment.

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