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By John Heinz

Specific marketing techniques to boost profit

Brand awareness marketing campaigns and targeted offers are two of the most important marketing techniques to understand. Keep reading to learn how you can use them to generate brand awareness and drive conversions with targeted offers!

Generating brand awareness and interest

Brand awareness marketing campaigns are focused on informing a target market about a product or service. These promotional campaigns come in many shapes and sizes depending on the company and product in question.

The most successful businesses employ brand awareness campaigns across multiple advertising channels. In general, most people will need to be exposed to a brand awareness campaign several times before it begins to influence their behavior.

When you combine digital and local advertising methods, you create a memorable impression in the mind of your potential customers.

Some common ways companies use brand awareness marketing campaigns are:

  • Creating memorable postcards, posters or billboards and placing them in locations where potential customers are likely to view them.

  • Sending flyers, brochures or other materials to the homes or businesses of people who live in a specific geographic location.

  • Offering free samples or promotional items.

  • Paid advertising on social media, search engines, email lists, television, radio or anywhere potential customers spend time such as sporting events or concerts.

Driving conversions with targeted offers

Brand awareness marketing campaigns can be combined with targeted offers.

Imagine a new pizzeria that just opened in a suburban community. To attract new customers, this business might choose to send a full-color advertising flier with their name, address, menu and other branding elements such as logos, typefaces and icons.

Now the business will be more known by the local community.

To do more than just generate awareness – and to influence potential customers to actually make the choice to purchase from the new eatery – the owner decided to place a targeted offer on the backside of his advertising flier.

Including coupons for free and discounted products can be a powerful motivator which leads to a long-term return on investment. Potential customers learned about a new pizzeria and then were converted into satisfied customers because a targeted offer compelled them to make a purchase.

Today, businesses target offers to potential customers in many exciting ways:

  • Coupons.

  • Giveaways.

  • Product demos.

  • E-Books.

  • Guides.

  • Consultations.

  • Webinars.

  • Case studies.

  • Contests.

Creating the right targeted offer for your business depends on your budget, target market, industry and many other factors. The best solution will be the one that matches your needs and expectations.

Generally, targeted offers succeed when they are able to offer real value to a target demographic or market which creates a fear of missing out.

Think again of the example of the local suburban pizzeria. If potential customers had simply seen the advertising flier with the company’s branding and menu, they may or may not have been compelled to take action. Perhaps they already have a favorite pizzeria in the local area or maybe they don’t particularly like pizza at all.

The targeted offer in the form of product giveaways and coupons, however, was able to influence behavior, leading to new sales and satisfied, long-term customers.

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