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By Kristy Smolenski Nelson

Something old, but something new … the suede dress comeback

Good news for all the suede lovers: suede is making its comeback! That's right, with so many of the vintage looks coming back to the forefront of fashion, suede could not be forgotten. One of the best year-round dress looks available now is the choice of suede. It brings along with it a classic look, but also the presentation of a very nice material with the presentation of the dress. No matter where you wear it, that feeling of "high quality" that people so often associate with suede will also be related to your look, and what fashionista could go wrong with that?

Suede: a great bet for the year

Suede is a yearly fashion trend, not a seasonal one. So by getting in on the suede dress trend, you are sure to have a dress you can use over and over again for the year. Because so many classic looks are re-emerging with stars like Katie Perry and Taylor Swift gladly bringing them back, suede is a classic and classy option that you can wear all year.

That "high class" feel in a dress

A suede dress brings with it a certain stylistic feel everybody around you will experience when you wear it and walk into a room: that of the "high class" effect. The material is typically seen to be costly, although this is not always necessarily the case with the dress. It has a certain respectable aura as a material that is sure to win you second glances no matter where you decide to wear it.

The "many choices" dress

Another great thing about suede is that it is a look that can be used and re-used with different accessories. You can reuse the dress and change your accessory style with this classic style. Suede looks great without any accessories, so it can also work as a standalone look. However, why not add some costume jewelry? It is great to offset suede with dark brown or dark green jewels, as earth tone colors will always match well to accessorize suede. This earth tone rule as far as suede also goes when picking your shoes. Suede dresses can also be changed up with belts, which are preferred over ribbons since suede presents a more rugged look. Ribbons do not necessarily accentuate suede as well as a classic belt that matches such a classic dress look.

The available dress

Suede is also such a popular dress style, it is the kind of dress that you can find at almost any lady's favorite clothing store. Suede can vary considerably in price, so depending on your budget, make sure you know where you are going to shop. Suede does not have to be pricey to give off that "high class" look; it just needs to look like suede!

So this year, make sure you pick up a suede dress to add to the staples you have in your wardrobe. You will not be disappointed with the aura and feel you create in others when you wear your dress!

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