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By Vermel Thomas

Smart Home Technology Makes Living Easier

Home improvement technology is making it easier to give our home interior designs a fresh look and unique appeal. A few of the latest trends in home improvement for 2017 are as follows1:

Indoor gardening goes high-tech

LED lighting is the natural way to grow indoor herbs, plants and veggies. The LED grow light has a full-spectrum wavelength. Full-spectrum wavelength is equivalent to sunlight, but it comes in the form of ultraviolet or infrared lighting that is healthy for plant or animal life. The LED grow light is a light bulb that will fit into any average light bulb socket. It does not emit heat, and it will save you money. Your plants will love it.

Induction cooking

The induction cooking system is the latest innovative geeky kitchen method of delivering food instantly. When the induction burner is turned on, a magnetic field is generated through its electromagnetic coil. If you think that you have time to cut up food items to put into your induction cookware, you are wrong. Your induction system heats up in a matter of seconds. The best cookware and the least expensive for use with an induction system of cooking are cast-iron, enamel-coated iron and many stainless-steel pots and pans.

Washing systems controlled by apps

Samsung, LG and Whirlpool are the manufacturers guiding the future of washing machine technology. Not only are technology-driven washers removing stains and grime, but they are equipped to be controlled via your home’s Wi-Fi system or your smartphone or tablet. The washing machines of the future will also allow you to remotely monitor your clothes using various apps. You will be able to set your machines to automatically use the least amount of power and to download washing cycles for specific types of fabrics.

Self-cleaning toilets

Finally, the worst job in any bathroom is in the hands of technology. Self-cleaning toilets were first created and used in Europe. In the past decade, this technology has gained a foothold throughout the U.S. The self-cleaning system works through just the simple touch of menu buttons on the inside of the toilet lid. There is an automatic cleaning, rinsing and deodorizing system as part of its self-cleaning process. The products used during the cleaning process are user-friendly for all water pipes and flushing systems. These toilets also help to reduce excessive water wastage.

Weighing your options

Modern digital weighing scales are the high-tech feature in kitchens today. They are ultra-precise in their weights and measures for cooking and baking. Whether you are a neophyte cook or a top chef, weighing scales are one of the most-beloved tech gadgets. This great kitchen device helps cooks convert ounces to grams and pounds to kilograms. Many digital scales provide up to an 11-pound capacity. Cooks can also measure both dry and liquid ingredients. Many kitchen scales can also simultaneously measure ingredients separately even when mixed together.

Home improvement ideas are all about the latest technology. Your home is becoming tomorrow’s smart home with sensing, auto-monitoring, apps and robotic features. The great news is that as fast as they are being developed, they are also becoming more affordable.

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