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By R.J.

Sly 3 " the good, the bad and the erroneous

"Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves" was among one of the most revolutionary Sly Cooper games of its kind. The game introduced a lot of new elements that did not exist in the previous Sly Cooper game and Sly Cooper's two friends got some new abilities as well.

One of those abilities were that Bentley and Murray could pickpocket their enemies, it was a great feature that took some of the work off of Sly so he did not have to be the only one pickpocketing.

Although "Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves" was a decent game, there were a few noticeable issues that I encountered that did not make it as good as "Sly 2: Band of Thieves." Here is the good, the bad and the erroneous.

The good

"Sly 3" gave gamers the chance to get acquainted with Sly's lineage, which was one of the reasons why I bought the game, and it was good to learn about Tennessee Kid Cooper, inventor of the Rail Slide and Slytunkhamen II, the second generation Cooper to use the Invisibility technique.

Gamers also got to see where the Cooper family kept their vast wealth. The Cooper vault was an invention by Slytunkhamen II, son of Slytunkhamen I. I was amazed how difficult it was to get around in the vault because of the traps that Slytunkhamen II created.

The bad and disappointing

In "Sly 2: Band of Thieves", Thiefnet was introduced and made it possible for Sly and his friends to buy their gadgets along with special moves. Although Thiefnet returns in "Sly 3", stealing from enemies was the only way to gather the money to buy the gadgets and special moves.

To put a fine point on this, "Sly 3" made it infinitely harder for gamers to get the gadgets and special moves because there were no safes to crack or clue bottles to find to help open the safes. Furthermore, this meant that gamers had to make stealing before starting any mission a priority; very disappointing.

The erroneous

Some gamers might say that "Sly 3" was a game of perfection, but it was far from it. "Sly 3's" biggest flaw was innate ability access. For example, Sly should have been able to use his invisibility technique from the beginning of the game.

It was erroneous of the creators to create a Sly Cooper game without giving Sly access to all of his innate abilities, a mistake that cost gamers thousands of hours of gameplay that they could have been using to get through the game.


My overall opinion of "Sly 3" is that it is a good game, but it had a lot of issues that were very noticeable and caused the gamer unforeseen problems. However, learning about the Cooper clan is one of the greatest aspects of the game.

Gamers should play this game because I think that they will learn a lot about the main character and how Sly's ancestors' greatness lives on through Sly which is evident; the game is a lot of fun and gamers will love it.

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