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By theInkCat

Simple updates to transform your home office

You work hard. Whether it's in a corporate office or a home office, sometimes that desk can feel like a jail cell from which you just can't wait to break free. While working from home has its benefits-no commute and the comfort of working in pajamas-working all day at home all alone can prove to be challenging when trying to find that extra little motivation. Certainly, a drab office space can diminish inspiration and turn any job into a mundane task. The cliché desk and stale boring Berber carpet-why not spruce up that home office to match your true aesthetic?

Here are some design tricks that will make you want to clock in:

A pop of color

When it comes to business, it's not all black and white. Adding a pop of color to really break up the monotony of white walls is a great way to freshen up the look of a home office. Whether that means adding an eye-catching rug, a vibrant accent wall, or choosing to bring in an unconventional furniture piece, adding a touch of color can really bring a space to life with minimal trouble. That pop of color doesn't have to be just one solitary piece. Choosing an accent color such as rose gold, gold, silver, etc., can always bring a room to life. Purchasing knick-knacks and bookends of the same color in a different variation brings that pop of color every room needs. Instead of painting an accent wall, get plain wall mount vertical file holders or floating shelves and paint them your favorite accent color. This gives you a sleek and modern effect.

Put a cork in it

Storage furniture isn't always pleasing to the eye. Running a business requires lots of paperwork, and cabinets and shelving units take up a lot of room. Putting up a cork wall helps to handle clutter in a way that can double as décor. Why stop there? Using novelty push pins and tacks will add more decorative elements to a wall. Corked walls aren't just functional, they bring texture to a space, which allows more personality to shine through. If you don't like the look of cork, give chalk paint a try and turn your walls into a chalkboard.

Room with a view

If space allows it, take down those curtains and flip your desk to look out a window. The view can serve as inspiration, and without curtains or blinds you'll be letting in lots of natural light, which will brighten your mood. Having a wide open window enlarges the space and cuts down on the feeling of claustrophobia. Another perk: having your desk face the window prevents glares on your computer screen.

Define your space

Sitting at a desk can make your days long and tedious. Shut down your midday slump by carving a little nook in your office for a little break time. Try to keep your desk for tasks solely involving your computer. Maybe that means purchasing a wing back chair paired with a small side table or even a small love seat on which you can lounge and read through documents; it all depends on the space. Alternative seating breaks the feeling of being shackled to your desk. Additionally, adding a table to your office can serve a purpose for conferences, depending on your business.

A home office should be designed and arranged with the same considerations as a bedroom or any other room in a house. Maintaining a space you actually want to be in will promote productivity and help your business grow. It should reflect the tone and aspirations of your business, and in the right setting it won't even feel like work.

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