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By Ambrianna Freeze

Simple summer trends for a fashionable wardrobe

Spicing up a wardrobe for summer is a fantastic way to start the season. The styles this year are fun and whimsical, with nods to the ’70s era flair. Jean skirts and tie dye are headed this way! Adding simple staples to a wardrobe can switch things up in no time. Check out these five tips to keep things cute and comfortable all summer long.

The return of tie dye

That’s right, tie dye is officially back on the runway. The ’70s trend hit the New York circuit with a bang, and a sophisticated one, at that. The tie dye has moved from startling circles to blended patterns that show off the new trend of loose, flowy garments. Check out the Altuzarra dress modeled by Pernille Teisbaek to see how this old look has been rejuvenated.

Showing off summer-tanned skin

Deep necklines, short skirts, and tops that show a generous amount of midriff are definitely in. Constance Jablonski rocks a striped duo with plenty of skin and rounded sunglasses to top off the look. V-neck blouses appear to be a favorite; bright, flowy fabrics are set off by deep necklines that sometimes go as far down as the navel before reaching their point. Don’t be afraid to show off some skin; this summer, anything goes.

Cut out the winter coats – and the clothes

This summer is all about skin, even when it comes to evening gowns. Strategic cutouts like backless dresses and ovals just below the bust show off the right amount of skin for the summer heat without being indecent. Throwing in a bit of lace adds a nice finishing touch to the cutout movement.

Beware the basic bikini

Bikini swimsuits are almost always a win-win, but this summer there are some new suits on the block. The itsy-bitsy, teensy-weensy yellow polka dot bikini has officially been replaced with contrasting colors and cutouts that will make for interesting tan lines when the summer is over. One-piece suits are also making a comeback; Sarah Jessica Parker was recently seen showing off a slim-fitting swimsuit while spending time on her yacht in Ibiza.

We want a girl in a short skirt … without the jacket

As a throwback to the early 2000s, Cake’s hit song “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” is finally coming true. Miniskirts of all kinds are popping up everywhere in fashion. Denim is the most common fabric for these adorable minis, with everything from the basic light wash and frayed hem look to button down A-lines.

When choosing which styles will make or break a wardrobe, keep these trending tips in mind. Switching out simple staples like an A-line flowy skirt for a tighter denim one is an easy way to update a clothing repertoire, and splurging on a summer dress with just the right amount of cutouts will save any drab clothing collection.

As a final touch, consider adding subtle makeup techniques like the non-touring eye shadow technique on Marie Claire’s summer makeup trends article to accentuate any outfit. With these brilliant new styles, anyone can get the best new summer looks.

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