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By Vermel Thomas

Silence is golden and a whole lot of fun

How about attending a dance party that is a total throw down – but only you can hear the music? The "silent party" or "silent disco" is the new concept that is being produced across the country. Silent dance parties are hosted by professional event production companies and sponsors. 1

The silent dance parties are different and fun because it brings people together in a whole new party experience. These unique parties allow people to connect, who enjoy the same type of music. Silent discos allow attendees to have better verbal communication because there is no outwardly loud music drowning out their conversation.

Silent kick-back grooves

The silent parties work like this: when partygoers attend the private dance, they receive a set of wireless headphones (Bluetooth) that feature three different color-coded channels. Small events feature one DJ, but larger events can feature up to 3 DJs playing music at the same time. Partygoers can only hear the music by turning on the electronic headphones.

What makes this silent experience different? Each DJ is playing music that are sing along throw backs from the 80s/90s to a few present day jams. A great advantage in using wireless headphones is that everyone can clearly hear what the DJ is playing anywhere throughout the party or event space.

Both the party attendees and the DJ are wearing headphones which are synced to the same frequency. By the way, the headphones must be turned in at the end of the party.

History and attendees

The history of silent disco began in the 90s and early 2000s where party attendees wore clunky headphones. During this era, noise complaints always followed parties of all types. Today, the only sound partygoers may hear when they take their headphones off, is the sound of the voices around them as they are mouthing the words to best selling tunes. The United Nations has always used this technology, with one channel for the interpretation of speakers in their own language.

Who are silent dance party attendees. According to private party hosts and sponsors, the target market is 25- to 37-year-old professionals. For larger formatted public events, the age group includes a wider age range. Often mothers and fathers are dancing with each, as well as their children. Silent parties are for everyone where with a switch of the channel, they can enjoy their own musical taste.

Silent events are here to stay

The silent party concept is currently being enjoyed at weddings, religious events, school events and many other special occasions like birthday events on rooftops or in residential homes, etc. Also, the wireless headphone idea is being tested in cinema theaters, Broadway venues, concerts and street parties around the world.

As if wireless headphone dance parties are not enough, ever evolving technology has introduced the silent party app for smartphones. The app operates through a shared cellular data network which can be synced to the party's DJ's broadcast frequency and is picked-up by your phone and displayed on your screen.

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