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By Sandra Handy

Seven ways to keep kids busy on a roadtrip

One of the most memorable activities for the whole family is going on a family vacation. The journey, however, is not always exciting. Difficulties along the way can cause impatience to take over as everyone, especially the kids, wants to get to their destination. But how can you keep your kids busy on the trip if you're traveling by airplane, train or car?

Traveling can be great fun, and it can be tedious at the same time. By preparing well ahead, you and your family will spend quality time together and experience new things. While traveling with kids, there are several ways to make it more exciting for them. These seven easy and resourceful ideas can help you enjoy your trip while your children enjoy theirs as well.

Interactive games

This is great fun for the kids when you are on the road. Together, you can always decide on game ideas that all of you can play. Among the best picks are games such as I Spy, the Alphabet Game, the License Plate Game, or Create-A-Story where everyone works together to create an exciting narrative. The kids can also engage in games such as making a list of items that start with incremental letters of the alphabet. The game can go to the advanced stage in which the kids need to remember the articles listed by everyone previous to them.

Digital camera

If your child has a digital camera, encourage him or her to take photos while traveling. Not only will they stay occupied, but at the end of the vacation, you will be able to see the world through their eyes.. The good thing about the digital camera is that your child can take as many photos as his or her heart desires without having any worry about running out of film. Just ensure that the batteries are freshly charged, or get extra batteries if the camera uses disposable ones.


Snacks are a necessity on any travel. The time of travel will pass much more quickly with something to chew on. Make sure you bring foods that don't need to be refrigerated and that are packed with necessary nutrients, not sugar. Foods that work well and fun include granola bars, bread, apples, pears, dried fruit and veggies and hummus.

Game consoles

While game consoles have gotten a bad rap for their addictive properties, those same properties can be beneficial during long trips. If you buy each child a new game, it will keep him or her occupied for the long trip. Ensure you give them time limits and also encourage breaks to give their eyes a rest.

Creative supplies

You can bring along the basics such as crayons, paper and pens and coloring books. There will be plenty of time for your children to imagine and create during the trip, and this will give them an outlet. By buying a new special set of markers, or anything especially fun, for each child, you are equally encouraging them to make use of these supplies.

Movie and music player

It is a great idea for all ages to have a device to listen to music. Before setting out on the journey, fill the device with the music of each child's choice. If you are traveling by airplane, the airline will generally give you a free pair of headphones for your child to watch videos onboard the aircraft.

Travel journal

You can provide each of your children with a travel journal if they are old enough to write. The travel journal will offer them the chance to highlight events during the trip and the vacation in general. And for younger children, they can still use a travel journal by drawing pictures for their entries instead of using words.

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