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By Asia Westry

Seven tips for social media branding

Social media branding has created a new way for business owners to promote products or services to the public at a fast speed. Approximately 10 years ago, social media was used to contact friends and family, but with technological advancements, branding has never been easier. The most common social media platforms used for business are LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Deciding which platform to use for business is simple, but can become difficult if they are all not managed properly. Before creating a business profile via social media, check all prices and features and select one that best suits the business. Each of these platforms offers special business service packages that help promote and make businesses run smoothly.

Here are seven steps toward building a successful brand on social media and grabbing the targeted audience:

  1. Create a business page via Facebook with images and text to help promote services and products. Facebook allows business owners to purchase ads to increase revenue and exposure. The ad option allows posts to be shared globally to generate more followers by targeting that audience of interest. Adding people with similar interests will help filter out people who are not business oriented and spam.
  2. Engaging with customers is important when trying to build a brand. Receiving feedback can help better the business for customers and an easier work flow to get improved results. Creating a “call to action” will allow users to become more interactive within the business and teach them about services and products.
  3. Set up an online store where customers can see products and services. Facebook has an online store that allows shipment to customers as well as various payment methods. Pasting external links to outside work will allow customers to become interactive with the business website as well as the store.
  4. Make posts public for everyone to see and share with others. The more posts that are created, the higher the chances for everyone to view content while increasing revenue to capture a larger audience.
  5. To avoid being lost on Twitter’s timeline, creating a long post with an image attached will be eye catching to users. If the post exceeds the maximum characters, utilize a platform such as Google or LinkedIn to share more ideas.
  6. Networking while on social media can help create connections with people who want to invest or purchase services. Speaking in a professional business tone will encourage clients to come back, create referrals and interact more with the business.
  7. When customers are giving praise to a product or service, it’s best to post this testimonial on social media platforms to attract more business and strengthen the brand.

While making the effort to create a brand through social media, it’s important to communicate in a professional manner and complement profiles with things corresponding to business goals. Following these steps will assist business owners thrive on social media and achieve business goals.

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