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By Sandra Handy

Seven health benefits of orgasms for older people

One of the leading factors that can keep couples together through old age is sex. Yes, your libido changes as you get older, but it never stops. While there are medications and specific therapies to keep you grooving, stimulating your clitoris and having orgasms make a significant addition to your overall sexual pleasure. It might surprise you that having exciting intercourse does not stop at having pleasure alone; it also has myriad health benefits.

Menopause does not have to mean the end of your sex life. When a woman reaches the age of 50-60 years old, she is told sex is for the young people, and that she will not have sex anymore. But research showed that women continue to enjoy sex into their old age. So the question is: How can frequent sex contribute to your health?

First off, you need to understand and embrace the fact that menopause is not a disease. It is merely a natural aging process. During menopause, hormonal changes and sexual arousal helping with this issue. When you have intercourse often, it helps to keep your vagina tissues supple and prevent painful sex.

Research shows that having regular and active coitus stimulates the release of the "good hormone," oxytocin. Sex helps to cut down on stress and improves the heart. Here are a few benefits to women from having sex regularly:

  1. Orgasms improve your sense of smell. During climax, the body discharges a hormone called prolactin. This hormone fires up neurons in your nose, thus heightening your sense of smell.
  2. Orgasms are natural antidepressants. When oxytocin is released, it will make you and your partner feel good.
  3. Orgasms beat the pangs of contractions during childbirth. This is as a result of endorphins released at the moment of climax. Orgasms have an analgesic effect on the body, thus making a great addition to beating any pain.
  4. Orgasms improve memory. During sex, while having a lot of fun, a great deal of blood rushes to your brain, helping to improve your memory.
  5. Orgasms help you sleep better. Frequent sex takes a lot of stamina, and that brings about good and healthy sleep.
  6. Orgasms boost your immune system. An antibody known as an immunoglobulin is released during orgasm, which promotes your immune system and protects you against viruses and infections.
  7. Orgasms keep you toned and healthy. Regular sex is just like an exercise.

Regular sex also works on the bond you share with your partner. When you stay sexually connected, you improve the rich quality of your marital experience. This plays a prominent role in your psychological and physical well-being.

This is indeed possible when you stay healthy. Exercise regularly and eat a proper diet. If you're smoking, now is the time to stop. Be passionate about your body. Work on improving your look to stay attractive to your partner. Wear sexy garments to set the mood. Practice foreplay. Let him touch some delicate parts of your body to fuel your yearning.

Seek expert advice in case of certain challenges on your health or your partner. Grab the free benefits of having regular and active sex.

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