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By J.Gwathney

Self-employment as a lucrative venue

Self-employment as a source of income is a reasonable possibility. The idea alone can capture the imagination of someone who is ambitious about this topic. When striving toward an aspiration it gives you a sense of purpose that allows you to take pleasure in what you enjoy. Trying your hand at new things is something inspirational. The excitement of discovery incites curiosity about future prospects.


In order to achieve your goals you must take action. Making the conscious decision to follow through will be the essence of your ongoing success. The connection between your initiative and ingenuity depends on how comfortable you are with what you are doing.

Being in the moment and actively pursuing your aspiration energizes the level of success of your journey. I have learned that working with what you have supports your ability to adjust to various circumstances. Good decisions can sustain the vitality of your venture.


Offering your services as an independent contractor or a freelancer is a very rewarding endeavor for some. Exploring entrepreneurial courses and visiting networking forums are beneficial to your advancement.

Some opportunities for self-employment include: appointment setters, at-home call centers, customer service agents, product testers, freelance writers, typists, tutorial positions, selling products online and other positions that may be of interest.

The possible challenges

Having a desire to make achievements often supersedes any idea of difficulty. Entering a new area of interest can bring a certain amount of uncertainty. What you are willing to learn will be essential to your endeavor. I believe that a constant willingness to learn and sharpen your knowledge about your area of interest brings about success.

Scheduling and setting time out to to meet goals are important steps. It is a good idea to write down key points of achievements. This helps when staying grounded. Staying on course is replenished by positive reinforcement.

Using a computer

Today's technology has made it a realistic possibility to create an income from home. By using a computer and attending workshops, you are able generate an income at home or on the go. There are many independent contractor opportunities that are suitable for these types of possibilities. An inquiring search using a search engine can bring you the important information needed.

Recording and taxation

You can find tax publication by the IRS and order them over the phone if necessary. Some suitable publications that can be helpful are: "Tax Withholding and Estimated Tax (Publication 505)" and "Profit or Loss From Business." If you intend sell online you may want to look at "Tax Guide for Small Business (Publication 334)" and "A Guide to Sales Tax."

Staying mindful of your goals

Putting together a vision board can help with envisioning your chosen path. An arrangement of photos quotes, magazines images and anything that suits your directional mindset can be applied. By focusing on goals, we take notice of particular things that grab our attention. This board of reminders will provide a guide for your imagination.

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