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By Thea Theresa English

Save money by shopping for clothes in your own closet

So you have a hot date next weekend, but your paycheck is not much this week after you pay bills. You wish you could buy a new outfit, but you realize that you will need to revamp the outfits that are already in your closet. The key is to go through your closet to see which outfits fit and how you can accessorize them.

Here are ways to shop for clothes in your own closet.

Fix minor problems in certain outfits

Just because your favorite red peacoat has two missing buttons does not mean that you need to get rid of it. If you lost the original buttons to the coat, seek out cute red buttons that are similar to the ones that were lost. With basic sewing skills, you can take up the hem in your rhinestone-studded jeans or embroider bold colored patches on areas of your shoes that had bleach stains. Ask relatives to make alterations if necessary.

Adapt your old outfits to match current trends

Another way to shop your own closet is to adapt your current wardrobe to match the latest looks. If you have a few neutral colored pants and blazers, combine them to create a new selection of pantsuits. If floral outfits are the trend this fall, but you have mostly solid colored skirts, you can embroider floral patterns on your solid colored dress shirts to go with the skirts. By doing this, you are being creative with the items in your closet.

Switch the colors around

You do not have to wear just the usual color combinations such as black/white, red/gold or blue/brown. When shopping in your own closet, do not be afraid to experiment with diverse color palettes. If you have a lot of plaid jackets, wear some bright colors with them such as neon green, fuschia, pastel pink, teal or burnt orange. These colors take the boredom out of the plaid jackets.

Accessories are a must

If you are going to make the most out of the clothes in your closet, you will need to accessorize your wardrobe for extra flair. For metallic gold shirts or pants, accessorize them with silver hoop earrings and a black handbag. Or, if you are wearing skinny red jeans with a white button-down shirt, you can accessorize the outfit with a red and black costume ring and white ballerina flats.

Get rid of the wardrobe clutter

As much as you love that sequin-laced gold blouse from six years ago, if it does not fit you anymore, you should get rid of it. Look through your closet and try on certain items to determine if they still fit. In addition, if those outfits are no longer in style or you are no longer interested in them, you should remove them from your closet.

Your closet is an excellent place for finding new ways to wear clothes. With the above mentioned tips, you do not need to go to the department store to get new outfits. This also allows you to boost your creativity and possibly set new trends in the community.

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