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By Brittany Naquin

Reasons to become a hiker

There are many fun and exciting ways to exercise, and one of them is to go hiking. Chances are, there is a great place to go hiking near you that you didn’t even know about. Hiking is a good way to get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air, socialize or get some alone time and get fit. If you are not convinced to give it a try, check out these reasons why hiking might be for you:

  • Hiking is no walk in the park.
    • It is a hard activity, and in many cases, will push you to the limits. If you are looking for a challenge, hiking is for you. It works major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system, and takes practice and hard work. Plenty of hikers hit the gym with their gear to practice on the treadmill before actually going to a trail. Hiking can be a very rigorous exercise that allows for new challenges and obstacles to overcome.
  • Hiking is not a race.
    • Hikers are able to control the pace they go, take breaks when necessary and enjoy the view, all at the same time. Most hiking trails have amazing views of something larger, like a valley, lake or mountains. Hiking is perfect for photographers, people who love grand landscapes and nature lovers who enjoy getting lost in the woods. Since there are so many different types of landscapes in America, a hiker can choose a trail that suits their visual preferences. Hiking is also great for campers who plan to spend a few days in an area and can really take their time on a hike.
  • Hiking requires a new set of knowledge.
    • Hikers need to study trails and know basic safety skills. These skills also go above knowing to bring enough water, which snacks are best and which gear to use for weather changes. They need to know the area in case they get lost. They also should know different plants and berries to avoid, if hiking for longer periods of time. Hikers should also know about the animals in the area because there are predators to be aware of sometimes. If you are into learning new things and using all of that knowledge to succeed, then hiking is for you.

Hiking is not for everyone, but it can have a lot of benefits for the right person. A hiker has to understand many things before going off into the woods. It is a fun and exciting way to use muscles that are not used daily and tone ones that are.

If you plan on hiking, do as much research about it as you can, including information about the area you will be in and the gear you will need. Remember to have a plan in place in case you get lost. Always let someone know where you will be heading and when to expect you back. Remember to enjoy the challenges and the views that come with hiking. Most of all, have fun!

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