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By C. Marie Cradle

Premium cool-for-the-summer getaway packing list

Packing the essentials for a trip can be a major task. One smart thing to keep in mind about packing is checking the weather forecast during vacation. Sunny hot and humid temperatures during a summer trip can be expected; thus, it is wise to pack heat repelling and specified cooling products. Here are five premium options to consider.

Sun protective clothing and hats

A basic rule for appropriate summer wear is to put on breathable, light-colored and non-clinging clothing that is made with cotton and linen. However, for ultimate sun protective clothing, wearing innovative threads with Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ (UPF) rating is a smart option. UPF in clothing indicates how effective a fabric is in regard to ultraviolet ray blocking. Some gear is made to block 98 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays (UVA/UVB) and is labeled with zinc oxide protection, which creates a cooling effect. Overall, costs of clothing with added sun protection are on par with typical clothing that people wear.

Large brimmed hats and visors are advisable to block the sun and help keep cool. The wider the brim, the better the protection. Great to wear while poolside and at the beach, specialized cotton and woven swim hats create a major cooling effect. While there are some high-end sun protective hats that go well over $100, most are affordable at under $40. Choosing a few of these hats to pack for the trip will make for not only cooler, but also fashionable outings.

A variety of sun protective style is offered by Coolibar.

Premium water bottle

Hydrating is key to surviving a hot summer trip. An optimal water bottle to pack is a 25-ounce sports bottle that is made of 18/8 food grade stainless steel, double walled and vacuum sealed. Made for cold water only, this type of bottle is well worth $25. Because of the solid and secured nature of this bottle, water stays cool longer.

Insulated lunch carrier and cooler

For a summer road trip, an insulated food carrier bag is ideal to have in the car. A premium option, like a highly constructed camping and high-end picnic bag, keeps drinks and perishable food cool for long drives. Also recommendable to bring is a hard shell cooler, such as one from popular Igloo brand, which run about $25 each. Within the cooler, having a silver thermal bag – often labeled “Hot/Cold” – is suitable to keep items frozen at least three hours.

Cool gel travel pillow

Here’s to packing for a comfortable night rest for a trip with a cool gel pillow. Great relief for a plane or train trip, the pillow has built-in gel technology that absorbs heat and creates a cooling effect for the head, neck and shoulders while reclining or sleeping. A cool gel travel pillow runs from about $30 to $40.

Cool gel shoe pad with cushioning

Holy hot pavement! The ground beneath our feet during summer can be brutally hot. Thus, having proper shoe wear is necessary to enjoy that stroll on a boardwalk or hike in the hills. Wearing cushioned cool gel pads within shoes means comfort with each step. These pads are shaped for both a woman and man and can fit most feet. Besides pads, cool gel is also built into various sneakers and specialized sporting shoes.

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