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By Thea Theresa English

Practical baby products new moms can use

As a new mom you are getting countless advice on which baby products you need but not all of those ideas are the most practical. Onesies are practical because they are easy to put on and you will need a lot of them since babies have accidents quite often, and there is always a need to change her clothes. Baby wipes are practical for not just wiping the mess from dirty diapers, but to sanitize hands after being outside. They can be used to wipe small bits of spit up on mom's shirts.

Infant carrier

The infant carrier is one of the best practical gifts for new moms because you can put the baby in the carrier while you do chores around the house or go on errands. This is also excellent if you are bringing the baby on the bus to visit relatives who live in your neighborhood. When your baby is almost a toddler, you might need a carrier in a bigger size.

Bathtub and bathing supplies

While you will not be bathing your newborn everyday, these are practical items to get because as your baby gets older, he might require baths more frequently. This is especially the case if he eats solid foods or plays outside more often. Besides the infant tub, you will need washcloths, a dry towel and baby body wash.

Childproof gear

Some new moms do not buy childproofing items in the beginning of the baby's life but it would be a good idea to buy them now because it will not be long before the baby starts crawling, pulling up against furniture and walking. Examples of childproofing gear include safety gates, locks and outlet covers.

Baby bibs

These are practical baby products because as your baby begins learning how to feed himself and drink from a cup, he will mess up his clothes. With a bib you can protect the baby's cute outfits and have fewer outfit changes during the day.

Infant car seat

This is one of the most practical products because it keeps your baby safe while you drive. During the first few months of the baby's life you will need a rear-facing car seat. Before you buy a car seat make sure that it has passed federal safety guidelines since infant car seats are sometimes recalled.

Socks and footies

During the first few months of a baby's life he will not need to wear hard-soled shoes since he is not walking yet. But his feet still need protection so it would be a good idea to buy socks and footies. Be sure to buy these in different colors and patterns.

Medicinal supplies

Your baby will get sick occasionally so it makes sense to buy items such as saline spray, electrolyte drinks for children, petroleum jelly, pediatric cold medicine and a nasal aspirator.

With the above-mentioned practical baby products, your baby will have everything needed for a good start in life.

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