Positive aspects of Pregnancy to remember


During pregnancy it is sometimes difficult to think about its positive aspects. One important thing to remember is that you have the love and support of your partner and family. They help in various ways and these include preparing meals and bringing them to you, assisting with housecleaning or babysitting the older children while you get rest. Another positive thing about pregnancy is that you can use this time to think about the kind of life you want for your child.

Listening to your baby's heartbeat

One of the best things about pregnancy is hearing your baby's first heartbeat. The joy of listening to the unborn life inside of you is amazing and it increases your sense of wonder about the beauty of a baby's development in the womb. This becomes extra special when you share the moment with your partner.

Naming your baby

Your children are an extension of your family history and this is why choosing the baby's name is an important time during pregnancy. If you're having a girl you might give her your grandmother's name as the middle name and your aunt's name as the baby's first name. Or if your partner is influenced by his Christian heritage in his family and is having a boy, he might decide on a biblical name for him.

The plentiful gifts

Child rearing gets expensive and this is especially true during the first few months of the child's life. A positive aspect of pregnancy is the baby shower and other occasions where relatives and friends shower you with gifts. It is not just the diapers and formula that matter. Other gifts are just as meaningful such as a handmade quilt with the baby's name on it, a personalized bottle or a book of prayers you can pray for the baby.

Encouragement from other moms

As a new mother you will not everything about caring for babies and during pregnancy you will receive advice and encouragement from other moms you know. They can answer questions you might have about baby sleep habits, breastfeeding, calming crying babies, shopping for baby clothes and tips on keeping babies entertained.

Brand new perspective

Another positive thing about pregnancy is the new perspective on life. Your priorities will change and you will start to make decisions that are in the interests of your child. You also start to appreciate what your mother did for you as a child and the pregnancy could bring you and your partner together.

Seeing your unborn child through ultrasound

When you see your baby's image through the ultrasound, it could bring tears to your eyes because you are filled with joy over the life you and your partner created. Some expectant mothers take the image and frame it to show to the child when he gets older. You can also place the image in a scrapbook.

Despite the physical and emotional pains associated with pregnancy, there are also joys you can feel during the process. It is the joys that will mean the most during this time.


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