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By R.J.

Playing with Lynx vs. Serge " a Chrono Cross perspective

Chrono Cross is a game that came out for the Playstation 1 in 2000, and I love the game; it is one of my all-time favorites. The game allows the gamer to play the game as both Serge and Lynx as events unfold according to them.

When I first got into the game, I liked playing as Serge, because of his elements, and not Lynx, so much because I felt his part of the game did not matter. The longer I played, the more I began to like Lynx over Serge. Here is why.

Serge's lack of power

Serge's lack of power is made evident at the beginning of the game, which improves after he regains his body. Serge does hardly any damage when he attacks, which can make battles harder than they need to be. He was barely hitting the enemies, and his elemental power was his only saving grace.

Plus, Serge does not have access to the best elements of his color until he regains his body, which gives him Ultranova; Magnegate and HolyHealing. To put a fine point on this, Serge does not get HolyLight, one of his most powerful elements, until the gamer traps it from the boss Sunofagun in Fort Dragonia in Another World.

Lynx's innate power and elements

Lynx is a great character whose elements and power make him one of the most lethal fighters in the game. Also, Lynx does not have the same problems that Serge had such as lowered hit accuracy and he gets his most powerful elements as he progresses.

Lynx has some of the most powerful elements in the game such as BlackHole, FreeFall; Imbecile and MotherShip. Gamers will not have to wait long before they get one of Lynx's best elements, Revenge and although it is expensive, it is well worth the price.

Why I love playing with them both

I love playing with both Serge and Lynx because they complete one another. Serge is weak, which he makes up for as he progresses. I love playing with Lynx because he makes his part of the game fun and challenging; it is never a dull moment with either of them.

Another reason why I love playing with them both is because Serge is a powerful character capable of many choices and Lynx is the hidden power that ensures success is always in his favor, which gamers have to love. I have grown to love both characters because of their different perspectives.

In fact, if I had to choose between playing through the whole game with Serge or Lynx, I would say Lynx because his elements and his power are more advanced than Serge; it is a no-brainer, especially given Lynx's abilities.

My overall perspective is that playing with Lynx is a little more fulfilling than playing with Serge who does not reach his full potential until the second half of the game which can leave gamers unfulfilled, bored and somewhat uninterested. However, Serge does reach his full potential after he rejoins the party, so it evens out.

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